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English Language Arts and Reading Curriculum

08 Apr, 2018

BETA Release - Designed for the New ELAR TEKS
Engage Students in ELAR Skills • Automatically Track TEKS Progress
1:1 Devices
Program Overview with Video
A 4-minute tour of the classroom experience and TEKS Analytics

With Exploros, students actively engage in learning about, practicing, and demonstrating interconnected TEKS-based skills. Specifically designed for device-enabled classrooms, teachers guide 5E model Exploros ELAR learning experiences, and students participate and contribute using social media, reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical thinking skills.

As students join in social classroom instruction, Exploros automatically stores student work and tracks progress against all relevant TEKS at the breakout level. This data is accessible to students, teachers, and administrators. It helps inform classroom instruction, providing teachers real-time insights into student comprehension and understanding. It also provides a data-centric foundation for instructional improvement via PLCs and other strategic campus or district programs.

Curriculum Structure
Collections > Units > Learning Experiences

Exploros ELAR offers a Collection for each grade, 4-8. Students study English Language Arts and Reading with emphasis on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. All experiences are correlated to TEKS (2019).

Each Grade-Level Collection Contains the Following Units:

English Language Arts Foundational Skills
Unit 1: Foundational Skills
Students learn basic classroom language skills, such as following instructions, using a dictionary, and building vocabulary.
English Language Arts Literary-Genres
Unit 2: Literary Genres
Students learn about literary elements, such as plot and characters, across a number of literary genres. They also do some creative writing.
English Language Arts Non-fiction Texts
Unit 3: Non-fiction Texts
Students learn reading comprehension skills, such as finding the main idea and summarizing text, and apply these skills to informational and argumentative texts. They also develop their writing and speaking skills.
English Language Arts Author’s Craft
Unit 4: Author’s Craft
Students examine how authors use language by examining purpose, figurative language, voice, and more.
English Language Arts Personal Narrative
Unit 5: Personal Narrative
Students read, write, and present personal narratives.
English Language Arts The Writing Process
Unit 6: The Writing Process
Students focus on the different steps of the writing process.
English Language Arts Inquiry & Research
Unit 7: Inquiry & Research
Students learn research skills, such as finding information and evaluating sources.

Scope & Sequence and Text Sources per Grade-level Collection:

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