11 • Lesson 19 Word List


(n) Protection; sponsorship.
The peacekeeping force entered the area under the aegis of the United Nations.


(n) A showy, ornamental object with little practical use; a trinket.
When returning from his travels abroad, Father usually brought a colorful bauble for each child.


(adj) Willing to please; agreeable.
Jared was complaisant toward his boss, carrying out her orders with alacrity and always speaking respectfully to her.


(v) 1. To join together; to unite.
The meeting was convened to discuss consolidating the multifarious companies into a single large corporation.

2. To strengthen or make firm.
The candidate’s primary victories consolidated her position as presidential front-runner.


(n) The act of plundering or destroying; also, the loss or damage that results.
Though no lives were lost, the depredations inflicted by the hurricane were severe.


(n) A sudden understanding of the meaning, essence, or reality of something.
After many days of agonizing introspection, Gabrielle had an epiphany in which the choice to make became unexpectedly clear.


(n) A waiting period or temporary ban on activity.
Hoping to ease the hostility developing between the two countries, the diplomats requested a one-month moratorium on troop movements.


(adj) Hanging loosely or swinging freely.
The pendulous branches of the weeping willow grazed the ground.


(v) To be a sign of; to indicate what will happen.
The high election turnout portends a renewed interest in town government.

portent (n)
The radical new car design may be a portent of things to come.

portentous (adj)
There are still those who think that the alignment of the planets is a portentous event.


(adj) Concerned with practical solutions rather than abstract theory.
Always pragmatic, Abril was more interested in how she could use the new machine than in the theory behind its design.


(v) To delay or suspend punishment.
The condemned man will be executed unless reprieved by the governor.

(n) A relief or respite, especially when temporary.
Commuters were relieved when the rail line due to be shut down was granted a reprieve.


(adj) Extremely loud or powerful in sound.
The principal was a charismatic speaker whose stentorian voice commanded instant attention.


(n) The condition of holding property, an office, or a position; also the period during which it is held.
The professor’s tenure at the college ended when she was fired.


(adj) Done or carried out by one of two or more parties rather than in concert with others.
Instead of consulting with other countries, France made a unilateral decision to resume nuclear testing in the Pacific.


(adj) 1. Capable of living, growing, or developing.
Less than half of last year’s corn seed turned out to be viable; the rest did not produce any plants.

2. Capable of success; workable.
Although Young-sook’s strategy for recycling the city’s refuse seemed the most viable one, it received only a modicum of support.

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