11 • Lesson 2 Word List


(n, pl) Equipment or accessories.
Deborah had two bags for film, lenses, and her other photography accoutrements.


(adj) Feeling or expressing a sense of injustice, injury, or offense.
Deangelo’s aggrieved attitude is understandable because he was treated so unfairly.


(adj) Easily angered; quick-tempered.
The coach grew increasingly choleric as it became apparent that the players were disobeying his orders.


(v) 1. To behave or conduct oneself.
In public Alec was usually solemn, but he comported himself quite differently in private.

2. To be in accord or agreement. (Used with with.)
What Naomi stated as policy does not comport with what I read in the personnel manual.


(v) To disrupt the self-possession or confidence of; to perturb or fluster.
I was disconcerted by my brother’s display of levity at the memorial service.

disconcerting (adj)
Xiu found it disconcerting to have Shan ask her a question and then ignore her as she began to answer.


(n) Animals of a region or period, considered as a whole.
The fauna of the North American woodlands includes deer, fox, and bear.


(v) To place or come between; to intervene or interrupt.
Roberta interposed herself between the two children to distract them from their argument.


(v) To roam in search of plunder.
Centuries ago highwaymen marauded the Dover Road, stopping stagecoaches and robbing the passengers.

marauder (n)
The Vikings were the most infamous marauders of all who plundered the North Sea coasts.


(n) A small amount.
Republicans thought the tax bill would pass even if it received only a modicum of support from the Democrats.


(adj) Having or exhibiting great wealth or abundance.
Why, she wondered as she leafed through magazines at the newsstand, were there so many articles featuring the opulent homes of very rich people?

opulence (n)
The architecture and furnishings of the palace at Versailles are remarkable for their opulence.


(n) A member of the nobility.
Lord Gorton was a patrician who found it expedient to pose as a man of the people.

(adj) Of noble birth; showing refinement of taste or manners.
Mía’s interests in fine wine and antiques reveal a patrician sensibility.


(adj) Not given to action or reaction; sluggish or calm in temperament.
Although Breon was a phlegmatic child, she grew into an active, decisive teenager.


(n) A natural inclination or tendency.
My mother has a propensity for bursting into song when something in a conversation reminds her of a particular verse.


(adj) Relating to the treatment of a disease; contributing to general well-being.
A doctor who exudes kindness can have a therapeutic effect on the patient.


(adj) Relating to usefulness rather than beauty; practical.
You can tell she prefers a utilitarian lifestyle based on her simple house and profuse vegetable garden.

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