11 • Lesson 6 Word List


(n) Someone or something that is intensely disliked, cursed, or shunned.
Raising taxes was anathema to homeowners who believed they were already paying more than their share.


(v) 1. To satisfy.
After the tennis match, my friend and I assuaged our thirst at a lemonade stand.

2. To lessen or reduce the intensity of.
A hug is sometimes all it takes to assuage a child’s fears.


(adj) Like a benevolent uncle; familiar and indulgent.
Sid, an avuncular friend of my father, exuded goodwill and always presented us with charming little gifts when he visited.


(adj) Sociable; concerned with good company and festivities.
The Haddad family reunion was a convivial banquet, lasting far into the night.


(adj) Combining elements from a variety of sources.
We enjoyed the small, unpretentious restaurant with the eclectic menu that offered Thai, Ethiopian, and Argentinian cuisine.


(n) A short, witty poem or saying.
I am reminded of Dr. Johnson’s epigram that a second marriage is “the triumph of hope over experience.”


(v) To explain in detail; to set forth.
Kareem expounded his political beliefs while his friends listened intently.


(adj) Relating to the essential nature of something; real or actual.
Although the crystal appeared to be a diamond, careful examination revealed that it had no intrinsic value.


(adj) Habitual or deeply rooted; persistent.
It goes without saying that good raconteurs are inveterate storytellers.


(n) A very powerful or wealthy person; a magnate.
The two banking moguls met to discuss a merger that would give them dominance in the New England region.


(adj) Extremely generous; liberal in giving.
The basketball star’s munificent donation completely funded the construction of the new community center.

munificence (n)
The foundation was known for its munificence in endowing hospitals and research centers around the world.


(adj) Beginning to exist; emerging.
The country’s nascent economy, which had developed since the end of the war, was devastated by an earthquake.


(adj) Clear-sighted; shrewd.
Realizing quickly that Randolph was perspicacious in investment matters, I relied on him for guidance.

perspicacity (n)
Because of her many years of training and experience, the psychologist displayed perspicacity of judgment about her patients’ psyches.


(n) One who is indifferent to or disdainful of intellectual values.
“It was the philistines on the school board,” argued Mr. Lopez, “who cut the arts budget to transfer funds to the athletic department.”

(adj) Smugly ignorant of artistic or intellectual qualities.
The philistine proposal to close the art museum angered local residents.


(adj) Tending to favor or assist; encouraging.
Senator Feynman’s sixty percent approval rating was a propitious start to her reelection effort.

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