11 • Lesson 9 Word List


(n) A coming or arrival.
With the advent of the suburban shopping mall, many small shops downtown closed their doors.


(adj) Indifferent to what others might find pleasurable or exciting because of excessive indulgence or enjoyment; unconcerned.
Dominique was blasé about winning a California vacation because she had already visited Los Angeles several times.


(n) An ostentatious display of bravery; defiant or swaggering behavior.
Frank’s latest act of bravado was competing in the bungee jump at the Extreme Games.


(adj) 1. Containing or made up of fundamentally different and often incongruous elements.
Shoshana’s resumé showed that she had held disparate jobs, from editor to magician to sailor.

2. Showing a marked difference or inequality.
Income distribution in the United States has become increasingly disparate since the 1980s.

disparity (n)
There is a great disparity between Ping’s grand ambitions and her modest achievements.


(n) One’s house or place of residence.
The governor’s domicile was an imposing edifice.


(v) 1. To make by putting parts together; to construct.
The canoes are fabricated from sheet aluminum.

2. To invent in order to deceive.
An aggrieved former employee fabricated the story that the company was going bankrupt.

fabrication (n)
The rumor that this Mayan artifact is a fake is nothing but a fabrication.


(adj) Traveling from place to place.
The itinerant theater group received warm welcomes in the many small towns where it performed.

(n) One who goes from place to place.
For three months last year, I was an itinerant in India, traveling from one village to another.


(adj) Extremely small or appearing to be so.
As we walked around the model village, we towered over the lilliputian houses.


(n) A strong, irrational fear.
Although terrified of snakes, I overcame my phobia by forcing myself to hold one.


(n) A strong inclination toward something.
A proclivity for telling stories accounts for Laslo’s reputation as a raconteur.


(n) An object impelled with force or self-propelled through the air.
The strange projectile captured on film turned out to be a hubcap tossed in front of the camera.


(adj) 1. Causing nausea or tending to be nauseous.
The pitching and rolling of the boat made some passengers queasy.

2. Causing or experiencing uneasiness; squeamish.
I felt queasy about having to go to the hospital for minor surgery.


(v) To exchange in kind; to repay.
I thanked them for inviting me and promised to reciprocate by making them dinner in the near future.

reciprocal (adj)
This was not a case of unrequited love, but one in which affection was reciprocal.

reciprocity (n)
This agreement will establish reciprocity in cultural exchanges between the two countries.


(v) 1. To put out of sight or mind; demote.
Wade was mortified when he was relegated to junior varsity after one bad game.

2. To assign for a decision or further action.
These matters have been relegated to the subcommittee for additional study.


(n) Dizziness or a tilting, spinning sensation.
Children sometimes induce vertigo by spinning around and then immediately trying to walk.

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