12 • Lesson 8 Word List


(n) An original inhabitant, especially one displaced by later settlers.
The Maori, aborigines of New Zealand, comprise many tribes and subtribes.

aboriginal (adj)


(v) To put an end to; to abolish or repeal.
Often, one of the first acts of a dictator is to abrogate the powers of the press.


(n) An item of equipment; an accessory.
The appurtenances that go with the apartment include an air conditioner and a washer/dryer combination.


(n) A temporary camp or shelter.
While following the Appalachian Trail, we looked for a sheltered, well-drained spot to set up our bivouac.

bivouac (v) To stay in such a camp.
On June 30, Ewell’s troops bivouacked near a road north of Gettysburg.


(n) A member of the order of marine mammals that includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
The blue whale is the largest of the cetaceans.

cetacean or cetaceous (adj)


(v) To criticize strongly; to denounce.
Many citizens of the world still decry the failure of stronger nations to intervene in the genocidal civil war that, in the 1990s, raged in the African country of Rwanda.


(n) A state of disuse or inactivity.
The old factory building was rescued from desuetude when the city converted it to attractive, affordable housing units.


(n) Anything that is of enormous size.
The cruise ship was a leviathan with luxury accommodations for over two thousand passengers.


(adj) 1. Excessively sentimental.
Because today’s greeting-card verses are so mawkish, I often select a humorous one instead.

2. Having an unpleasant, sickly sweet taste.
The mawkish beverage tasted like coconut milk and overripe mango.


(v) To fail to understand correctly.
So that no one misapprehends the conditions of the agreement, let’s put them in writing.

misapprehension (n)


(adj) 1. Limited or narrow in scope or outlook.
She is of the parochial view that what’s good for her state is good for the whole country.

2. Of or related to a church parish.
You don’t have to be a church member to teach at a parochial school.


(v) To be in the business of supplying goods, especially food or provisions, for use.
The Loxley Company has purveyed bakery goods for five generations.

purveyor (n)


(n) 1. A turning to someone or something for aid.
You have recourse to the courts if you cannot settle the dispute on your own.

2. A source of help or support.
Reading was his usual recourse during periods of insomnia.


(adj) Well supplied; full.
His memoir is replete with amusing anecdotes.


(v) To give up as a right; to forgo.
I asked the bank to waive their late-payment fee because it was only one hour past the deadline.

waiver (n)

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