2 • Lesson 1 Word List


(n) 1. The back part of the leg between the  knee and the ankle.
My left calf itches where the poison ivy touched it.

2. A young cow or bull.
The baby calf stays close to its mother.


(n) 1. The sharp curved nail on the toe of a bird or animal.
Karl held out his hand, and the parrot wrapped its claws around his finger.

2. The part of a crab or lobster used for gripping.
The lobster grabbed the clam with its big claw and held it.

(v) To scratch or dig with sharp nails.
Our dog clawed at the back door so she could come into the house.


(n) 1. Two things of the same kind.
There are a couple of cups on the shelf. Will you bring me one?

2. Two people who do things together.
The couple skated slowly around the rink, moving with the music.


(n) A pillow or a pad with a soft filling.
Tammy rested her head on the cushion and soon fell asleep.


(n) Something attached on only one side so that it can move freely.
Colin licked the flap of the envelope and then pressed it down.

(v) To move up and down.
We heard the geese flap their wings as they flew over the pond.


(n) 1. A person who takes care of horses.
The groom led the horse out of the stall to brush it.

2. A man who is getting married.
The groom slipped the wedding ring on the bride’s finger.

(v) To clean or make neat.
The mother cat groomed the kitten’s fur by licking it until it was smooth.


(n) A part that each person gets of a whole.
Your share of the pizza will be two slices.

(v) To use or enjoy with others.
My sister and I share a bedroom.


(n) Anything that covers or protects.
Our dog looks for shelter under the bed when he hears thunder.

(v) To give protection or safety to someone or something.
The small porch sheltered us from the rain.


(n) 1. The land around a building.
We lived in a house with a large yard.

2. A length equal to three feet, or thirty-six inches.
You need three yards of cloth to make your costume for the play.


(n) The word name for 0. It stands for nothing.
Three plus zero equals three.

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