2 • Lesson 12 Word List


(n) A curved piece of wood, stone, or metal over an open space. It supports the weight above it.
We walked beneath the stone arch to enter the small garden.


(n) Thinking, listening, or watching carefully.
Nothing could draw Tan’s attention away from the mystery he was reading.


(n) Something given for doing well.
Shelley thanked the judges for the dictionary, her award for winning the state spelling contest.

(v) To give something as a prize or a reward.
The judges awarded our dog Morgan the first prize for how well he obeyed commands.


(v) 1. To fall down suddenly or to cave in.
My brothers and I built a tent from tree branches and an old blanket, but it collapsed when we all tried to crawl inside.

2. To fold together.
These chairs collapse so they are easy to store in the closet.


(v) To destroy or tear something down.
The hurricane demolished a dozen houses close to the beach.


(adj) more than is needed or allowed.
Dad had to pay extra for his plane ticket because he had excess baggage.

(n) An amount that is too much or more than is needed.
Charlotte quickly licked the excess from the edge of the jelly sandwich.


(n) 1. A line showing the outside edge of an object or figure.
Gary drew an outline of Asia, and then he filled in the different countries.

2. A short list or plan that gives the main ideas of a longer report.
Our outline will show you what we want to do for our report on turtles.


(n) A work of art made by shaping wood, stone, or other material into a certain form.
The sculpture of the knight on a horse stood near the entrance to the museum.


(n) A tool for digging. It often has a long handle fastened to a flat metal blade.
Using a spade, Omar helped his mom dig holes to plant seeds in the garden.


(n) A tool or container that is used for a special purpose.
Esperanza put the can opener in a drawer with the other kitchen utensils.

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