2 • Lesson 13 Word List


(n) Busy and noisy movement.
Felix and Delia waited in the bustle of the lobby for the doors of the theater to open.

(v) To move around in a busy, excited way.
The students bustled from table to table choosing materials to make masks.


(n) 1. The bed or path of a river or stream.
The channel of this river is not deep enough for these large boats.

2. A groove or cut that allows water to pass through it.
Mr. Skura built a brick channel down the slope to drain excess water from the garden.

3. A body of water joining two larger bodies of water.
The English Channel joins the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

4. A way to carry an electrical signal to a television set.
Without cable, our television doesn’t get very many channels.


(v) To join or bring together.
Follow Sea Street until it connects to the main highway.


(n) A number of countries or areas under the control of a single ruler or government.
For several hundred years, the Romans ruled an empire that included all the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.


(v) To speak of something without going into a lot of detail.
Did Carlos mention to you that he would be at the swimming pool this afternoon?


(n) 1. The pointed top of a mountain.
The highest peak in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro.

2. Any pointed top.
Vera whipped the cream into stiff peaks.


(n) A person who has studied a subject and knows a great deal about it.
The scholar who wrote this book describes the houses and food of the Iroquois people living in the 1700s.


(v) 1. To come to rest.
A thick fog settled over the trees and houses, leaving only gray shadowy forms.

2. To decide about some problem.
Mrs. Reyes settled the argument between Diane and me by having us find the answer in the dictionary.

3. To live in a place and make it one’s home.
When Sheng came to the United States from Laos, she settled in Houston, Texas.


(n) Anything on wheels or runners used to carry people or things from place to place.
An emergency vehicle raced along the crowded street with its sirens wailing.


(n) A line that angles as it changes direction from side to side.
The skier made a zigzag down the side of the hill.

(v) To change direction at an angle by moving from side to side.
Matt and Ana carefully zigzagged the canoe past several rocks in the river.

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