2 • Lesson 14 Word List


(n) A person, animal, or plant that is fully grown.
After the picnic, the adults sat at the table talking, while the children played in the yard.

(adj) Fully grown.
An adult giraffe stands eighteen feet tall, making it the tallest animal on Earth.


(n) A group of things that grow close to each other or are packed tightly together.
Beyond the clump of trees near the road, Sara could see the lake.

(v) To walk in a way that makes a heavy, dull sound.
Jalen clumped into the changing room, sat on a bench, and took off his ice skates.


(adj) 1. Eager to learn about people or things.
Finding a tiny nest in the weeds, Pierre was curious to know what bird had made it.

2. Strange or unusual.
In a dusty corner of the attic, Elena found a small box with a curious shiny stone inside.


(n) A feeling of thanks for a gift, a favor, or some other kindness.
We sent a thank-you note to our neighbors to show our gratitude for their help while Mom was in the hospital.


(n) A group of animals that live or move about together.
The two dogs drove the herd of cows through the gate and into the farmyard.


(n) Someone who has just arrived in a place.
Mr. Barton welcomed the two newcomers from Canada to our class.


(adj) 1. Simple, not fancy.
Deirdre wanted to build a plain birdhouse, but Maya wanted one with an opening in the shape of an arch.

2. Easy to see or understand.
The happy smile on Rosario’s face made it plain that she was pleased to see her cousin.

(n) A large piece of flat land with few trees.
Tall grasses covered the plain for as far as we could see.


(n) The main stem of a plant.
Ricardo checked the stalks of corn for any ears that might be ripe.

(v) 1. To walk in a stiff way that shows one is hurt or angry.
Even though his brother said he was sorry, Craig stalked out of the room with his broken airplane.

2. To follow something in a quiet way in order not to be seen.
The cheetah stalked the antelope carefully for several minutes, waiting for the best time to begin the chase.


(n) A long, curved, very large tooth that sticks out of the mouths of animals like elephants or walruses.
The walrus uses its tusks to dig in the bottom of the sea for clams.


(adj) Having a great amount of money, property, or valuable things.
The iron and coal in the ground made England a very wealthy country.

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