2 • Lesson 15 Word List


(n) 1. The lowest part of something.
The base of the Washington Monument is just over fifty-five feet wide.

2. A place where the people in the army, navy, or air force do their work.
Tom’s father is training for the air force at a base in San Antonio, Texas.

3. One of the four corners of the infield in baseball. A player must touch each one to score a run.
After Tracey hit the ball, she raced to first base.


(n) A loud, annoying noise that continues for some time.
The drills the workers used to repair the street made such a din that we had to close the windows.


(v) To throw away or get rid of.
After we finished eating our oranges, Eva discarded the peels in a trash can.


(n) A roof in the shape of an upside-down bowl.
Josie pointed out the large golden dome of the state house as we drove into the city.


(n) A measure for liquids. It equals four quarts.
For the school May Breakfast, our class made two gallons of orange juice


(n) 1. A tool used for doing careful work.
The dentist used one of the small instruments on the tray to check my teeth.

2. An object for making music.
The instrument that Louis Armstrong played so well was the trumpet.


(n) Something that gives pleasure but is not really needed.
Dad and I had the luxury of front-row seats at the basketball finals.


(n) A hammer with a large head. It is made of wood or hard rubber so that it does not scratch what it hits.
Using two wooden mallets, Kai played a simple tune on the xylophone.


(n) The ability to do something well after study or training.
Reba showed great skill on the balance beam during our practice.


(adj) Small in amount or importance.
The pilot announced that there would be a slight delay in our landing because of the strong winds.

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