2 • Lesson 2 Word List


(n) Anything that happens in an unplanned way, especially when it causes injury or damage.
The accident happened when one car went through a red light and hit another one.


(n) A person who does tricks that take great strength and good control in moving the body.
The acrobat did a flip on the tightrope, and the crowd in the circus tent gasped.


(n) 1. A signal, such as a bell or buzzer, that warns people or tells them to take action.
Beth shut off the alarm on the clock and went back to sleep.

2. A feeling that something is wrong or that there is danger.
Pete was filled with alarm when he lost his way in the woods.

(v) To make somebody afraid or fearful.
I don’t want to alarm you, but what is that noise in the backyard?


(v) To spring back after hitting something.
The ball bounced three feet in the air after Maya hit it with her racket.


(adj) Very big.
An elephant must seem enormous to a mouse.


(n) An opening or space in something that is normally closed.
The rabbit got into the garden through a gap in the fence.


(n) A tool like a bowl with a handle. It can be large or small and is used for digging into and lifting loose or soft materials.
Mother used a metal scoop to put flour into the mixing bowl.

(v) To take something up in a quick movement.
Dan cupped his hands to scoop water from the pond.


(n) Something used to hold an object in place and to keep it from falling.
The shelf will fall without the wooden support.

(v) To hold something in place or to keep it from falling.
Anne supported the sign while Ryan nailed it to the post.


(n) A mix-up of things twisted or knotted together.
The fishing line was in such a tangle that Bill had to cut it.

(v) To become twisted or knotted together.
I tripped and fell when my feet got tangled in the rope.


(v) To find out how heavy something is.
Lucy weighed the puppy and learned that it had gained almost two pounds since last week.

weight (n) The measure of how heavy something is.
The weight of a stick of butter is four ounces.


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