2 • Lesson 3 Word List


(n) 1. One of the two long, thin feelers on the head of many insects and of some animals such as lobsters.
The beetle moved one antenna to the left when Sam touched it.

2. A metal rod or wire used to send and receive radio and television messages.
Let’s pull out the antenna on the radio to hear the station more clearly.


(n) The state of being firm and steady.
Tanya lost her balance on the diving board and fell into the pool.

(v) 1. To stay in a steady position without falling.
The acrobat balanced carefully on her partner’s shoulders.

2. To hold something in a steady position without letting it fall.
The seal balanced a large ball on its nose.


(n) A large, rounded rock that is resting on or in the ground.
On our hike, we followed the trail past a boulder as big as a car.


(n) A steep, high rock face with a sharp drop to the ground below.
From the top of the cliff, the hunters watched the buffalo far below.


(n) The place where two parts meet or come together.
The elbow is the joint where the upper arm and lower arm connect.


(n) An object with moving parts that is used to do certain kinds of work.
After we waxed the floor by hand, Jerome used a machine to polish it.


(n) An object that provides the power to make something move or do work.
Dad started the motor on the boat by pulling on the cord.


(n) A part of the body that can be stretched or tightened to make the body move.
The day after we ran around the track, my leg muscles were sore.


(n) A large object in space that moves in a regular path around the sun or some other star.
The rings around the planet Saturn are made up of many pieces of ice.


(n) A surface, a line, or a piece of land that is higher at one point than at another.
This ski slope is too steep for beginners.

(v) To lie at an angle.
The land slopes up a little here by the pond.