2 • Lesson 4 Word List


(n) A large, strong animal related to monkeys but without a tail. It can stand on two feet.
Gorillas and chimpanzees are members of the ape family.

(v) To copy the actions or speech of someone.
Trying to ape the chicken’s walk made Millie look silly.


(n) The gray matter made of nerve cells packed inside the skull. It is what we think with. It controls other parts of the body.
If I use my brain, I think I can find an answer to this problem.


(n) 1. A part of a tree that grows out of its main stem.
Mom and Dad hung the swing from a thick branch of the beech tree.

2. Anything that comes from a main part of something, as a branch comes from a tree.
Donna goes to the branch of the library near her home because the main library is too far away.


(n) A large cave.
The roof of the cavern was covered with bats.


(n) Something made with an open center to let the smoke from a fire rise and escape outside.
As we skied past the cabin, we saw smoke coming from the chimney.


(n) A group of twelve.
Manuel invited a dozen friends to his party.


(n) The bright, glowing gas we see when something burns.
Three moths flew around the candle flame.


(n) A piece of material made of string or rope knotted together in a way that leaves evenly spaced holes.
The fishermen repaired some torn parts of their net.


(n) A long pole with a sharp, pointed blade at one end.
In the museum, we saw several spears used long ago to hunt animals.


(n) A burning stick held in the hand to give light.
The runner carried the Olympic torch to the city where the games were going to begin.


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