2 • Lesson 5 Word List

absorb (v) To take in or soak up.
This sponge will absorb the water you spilled.


(n) A heavy weight on a rope or chain. It is dropped from a boat to keep it from moving.
As our boat came near the shore, we dropped the anchor for the night.

(v) To hold something firmly in place.
We need longer screws to anchor the cabinet to the wall.


(n) An object made of short, stiff hairs or wires that are fastened to a handle.
This wire brush works very well to scrape the old paint from the side of the house.

(v) 1. To clean, paint, or smooth something by using a brush.
Leah brushes her teeth every night before going to bed.

2. To touch something lightly by moving against it.
Alex jumped when something brushed against his cheek in the dark hallway.


(n) A small swelling on a plant that will grow into a twig, flower, or leaf.
Aunt Jane told me to pick the roses that were open and to leave the buds on the bush.


(n) 1. The exact middle of something.
The referee put the soccer ball in the center of the field just before the game started.

2. A place where people come together for some purpose.
Sara went with her mother to the health center for a checkup.


(n) The hard middle part of fruits such as apples or pears. It holds the seeds of the plant.
Juan ate the apple and then gave the core to his pony.


(n) A building or group of buildings where things are made.
Natalie’s sister works in a factory that makes parts for computers.


(n) The place where bees live.
Mr. Olach keeps several hives in his backyard for bees.


(n) A young tree.
In this old photograph, you can see our great oak tree when it was just a sapling.


(n) 1. The tall main stem of a tree. This is where its branches grow.
On our vacation in California, we saw giant redwood trees with trunks almost twenty feet across.

2. The long nose of an elephant.
The elephant lifted its trunk in alarm when it heard the motor of the airplane.

3. A large box or case with a lid that can be shut and locked.
Nina opened the trunk at the foot of the bed to look for an extra blanket.

4. The covered part at the back of a car. It is used for carrying suitcases and other objects.
Before we leave, will you please put the beach chairs and towels in the trunk?


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