2 • Lesson 6 Word List


(n) 1. An object that has a round, flat base and comes to a point at the other end.
On their walk to the park, Elena and George each bought a cone at the ice-cream stand.

2. The fruit of a pine or other evergreen tree. It holds the seeds.
My sister and I picked up cones from our pine tree to make a decoration for the front door.


(n) A solid figure with six square sides.
We helped Mom by cutting the potatoes into cubes for the salad.


(n) 1. The third planet from the sun and the one we live on.
From the spaceship, Earth looked like a beautiful giant blue ball.

2. earth Soil or dirt.
After planting the tomatoes, Tony smelled the rich, dark earth.


(n) A green plant with feathery leaves. It does not produce flowers.
Josie watched the small spotted frog jump from the path into the bed of ferns.


(n) Something that is burned to give power or heat, such as wood, coal, or oil.
Max watched the man who delivers fuel as he pulled the hose from his truck to the house next door.


(n) 1. A tiny hard piece of something.
With a magnifying glass, we could see that the grains of sand had many different colors.

2. The seeds of cereal plants such as corn, wheat, or oats.
By August, many sacks of grain stood in a row in the barn.


(n) A cold-blooded animal with a long, narrow body. It has four legs and a long tail.
The lizard, which was resting on the large flat stone, didn’t move a muscle as Arelis walked by.


(n) Someone who works to dig coal or useful minerals out of the ground.
All the miners put on their helmets before they went to work.


(n) 1. The time that is happening now. It is between the past and the future.
The story we are reading takes place in the present.

2. Something that one person gives to another to show love, friendship, or thanks.
The present I am giving to my friend on her birthday is in the green box with the white ribbon.

(adj) Being at a certain place at a certain time. Its opposite is absent.
All the students were present when the bell rang to start class.


(n) 1. The line made when two pieces of cloth are sewn together.
When Luis reached for the ball, he heard his shirt rip at the arm seam.

2. A layer of some natural material that lies between two other layers in the ground.
We could see a seam of gray clay running through the cliff by the beach.

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