2 • Lesson 7 Word List


(n) A sign or mark to show that a person belongs to a certain group.
The police officer pinned the silver badge on her shirt before she went to work.


(n) A flag or other piece of cloth with words or signs on it.
A banner was hanging across the street to announce the spring festival in the park.


(n) 1. The place where two walls or two sides of something meet.
Mom and I pushed my bed to the corner of the room so that I could clean the floor.

2. The place where two streets come together.
Jennie, José, and Lee wait for the school bus at the corner of Elm Street and Bow Road.

(v) To force a person or animal into a place that is hard to get out of.
We cornered the puppy by the house and carried him back to his pen.


(n) A pattern or arrangement of lines, shapes, or colors.
Kim and Ricky worked on the design for the poster to announce the book sale.

(v) To make a plan to show how something will look or how it will be made.
Gustavo and I will design the puppet theater, and Margot will make one of the puppets.


(n) A public showing of things so that they can be looked at.
One of my favorite displays at the science museum is the one showing shells from all over the world.

(v) To set something out for others to see.
The farmers displayed corn, beans, and tomatoes at the market on Thursday.


(n) A mark or crease made when something is bent over on itself.
The direction says to tear the paper along the fold.

(v) To bend something over one or more times so that one part rests on another.
When the dryer stopped, Min and Lee folded the clean towels and socks.


(n) Many people marching or moving along together in a line. They do this to enjoy or remember an event. There are often bands, cars, and flags.
Marco and Fran joined the big crowd on the sidewalk to watch the parade go by.


(n) A figure made from four straight lines. All four angles in the figure are the same size.
This green rectangle in the center of the map stands for the park near our house.


(v) To respect or honor in some way such as by raising the hand to the forehead.
As soon as the president walked into the room, the soldiers saluted.


(n) The grooved part of a tire that touches the ground as it moves.
Dad was worried when I showed him a smooth place on the tread.

(v) To walk or step on by bringing the feet down.
When you go up the stairs, please tread lightly so that you don’t wake up your sisters.


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