2 • Lesson 8 Word List


(n) 1. A glass tank filled with water. Plants and animals that live in water, especially fish, are kept there.
Sophie loved to watch the brightly colored clown fish swim in her aquarium.

2. A building where many different kinds of living fish and other water animals are on display.
In the center of the aquarium stands a huge glass tank where hundreds of fish, eels, and turtles swim.


(n) A kind of box with bars or wire netting. It is a place to keep animals or birds.
My canary flew into the kitchen when my cousin opened the door of its cage.


(n) 1. A heavy stick that is used for hitting and swinging at something.
Long ago, people used clubs to protect themselves.

2. A group of people who meet from time to time to do some special thing.
Our club meets every week in our clubhouse.


(n) A handle fitted to a pipe. It is used to control the flow of water.
We can get water from the faucet at the back of the house to water the garden.


(n) A great flow of water over land that is dry.
The flood rose to the roofs of the houses on this street.

(v) To cover with water.
When the pipe broke, water flooded the basement.


(n) Something that is given. It is a present.
We often bring my grandmother a gift when we stay at her house for a few days.


(n) A thin, pointed, hanging piece of ice. It is formed by water freezing as it drips.
The icicles hanging from the roof sparkled in the bright sunlight.


(v) To try to act like someone or something else.
Maria tried to imitate the way her swimming teacher kicked her legs.


(n) A smooth round object that forms inside the shell of an oyster. It is used in jewelry.
When the diver opened the oyster, she saw a pearl lying inside the shell.


(n) A low piece of land lying between hills or mountains.
On the other side of the valley, we could see a line of hills.

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