3 • Lesson 1 Word List


(n) An object in the shape of a tube or pipe. It may be solid or hollow.
In the center of the table was a tall glass vase in the shape of a cylinder, which was filled with yellow tulips.


(v) To look at closely.
When Cora and Chun examined the desk, they discovered that the letter they were looking for was gone.


(adj) Causing death.
Eating this pretty white mushroom can be fatal.


(n) 1. An important or special part of something.
An unusual feature of this room is a secret stairway hidden behind this wall.

2. Any part of the face.
One pleasing feature of Claude’s is his warm smile


(v) 1. To take hold of something tightly with the hands.
Tina grasped the bars on the gym set and pulled herself up.

2. To understand something.
After we grasped the directions, it was easy to do the puzzle.


(n) 1. A stream of liquid or gas that is forced at high speed through a small opening.
The firefighters directed jets of water from the pump truck to the burning house.

2. An airplane that is powered by a jet engine.
The pilot told us what kind of jet would be carrying us to the West Coast.


(adj) Having to do with the ocean or with ships and boats.
The largest marine creature is the blue whale.


(n) A mark on the skin that is left after a cut or other wound has healed.
The scar on Helen’s knee is from the cut she got when she fell off her bicycle.


(n) A long, thin part that grows out from the head of some sea animals. They use it to hold things or to move from place to place.
The cuttlefish wiggled its tentacles to bring the small fish closer.


(n) 1. A ship or large boat.
All the passengers aboard the vessel hoped to see a whale or dolphin during the trip.

2. Anything hollow that can be used to hold liquids.
A clay vessel filled with lemonade rested on the picnic table in the backyard.

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