3 • Lesson 10 Word List


(n) 1. A thick steel rope made of strands of wire twisted together.
A cable with a large hook on the end dangled from the top of the crane.

2. A bundle of wires covered by rubber or plastic along which an electric current can pass.
The electric company will run an underground cable from this station to Quincy to provide extra power when it is needed.


(n) A large and important church.
The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., is the sixth largest in the world.


(v) 1. To carry or move from one place to another.
A wagon with high sides conveyed the cut sugarcane to the mill.

2. To make an idea or feeling known.
As the curtain closed, the crowd clapped loudly to convey how much they had enjoyed the play.


(n) Something made or invented for a particular use.
When you need a device for lifting heavy weights without a great deal of effort, a lever will work best.


(n) Goods carried from place to place, as by plane, boat, truck, or train.
The trains passing through this station carry freight from the middle of the country to the East Coast.


(n) 1. A building or natural feature that is easy to see and can be used as a guide.
The Gateway Arch is a well-known landmark in St. Louis.

2. An important event.
The discovery that certain bacteria can cause disease was a landmark in the history of medicine.


(n) A way of doing something.
Tara’s method for bringing her cat inside is to shake the container with treats.


(n) A thin, straight piece of wood, metal, or other material.
The shower curtain hung from a metal rod.


(n) 1. A long open tunnel that runs straight up and down.
The coal miners traveled for five minutes to reach the bottom of the mine shaft.

2. A bar that connects with other moving parts of a machine.
The drive shaft sends power from the car engine to the wheels.

3. The long, narrow part of an arrow or other object.
Felix made sure the shafts of his arrows were in a straight line.


(n) Something that is built, as a building or bridge.
From the road, it was easy to see that the largest structure in town was the hundred-foot water tower.

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