3 • Lesson 13 Word List


(n) A chart or diagram showing the days, weeks, and months of the year in order.
On the wall calendar in the kitchen, Jodie circled the day of the picnic in red.


(n) A fair or show with food stalls, parades, rides, and other ways to have fun.
The police are directing traffic away from Center Street where the carnival is set up and ready to begin.


(n) 1. Knowledge or skill that comes from having done certain things.
Panthea had experience caring for plants and offered to take care of Mrs. Levy’s garden.

2. Something that happens to a person; an event in one’s life.
Jubilee said that taking part in the Olympics was an experience she would never forget.

(v) To have happen to; to go through something.
Marcelo experienced only a tiny pain when the nurse stuck the needle in his arm.


(v) To be in charge of; to control or rule.
Most people in the city like the way the mayor governs it.


(n) 1. A large area of a sea or ocean that is partly enclosed by land.
The Gulf of Mexico is bordered to the north and east by the United States and to the west and south by Mexico.

2. A great distance between.
After their argument, Sharin felt that a gulf had opened between her and her friend.


(n) Speed in acting or moving.
Roosevelt left for school in such haste that he forgot his backpack.

hasty (adj) Done or made quickly without careful thought.
When the rain started falling heavily, the crowd at the outdoor concert made a hasty dash to their cars.


(n) 1. A place with borders and its own leaders; a single country.
South Sudan, a country in Africa, became a nation in 2011.

2. The people of a single country.
The Prime Minister of Canada will speak to the nation at nine o’clock this evening.

national (adj) Of or belonging to the people of a single country.
Labor Day, which comes on the first Monday of September, is a national holiday in the United States.


(v) 1. To throw here and there; to spread about.
Lucy likes to scatter the feed for her chickens.

2. To move quickly in different directions.
When Carlos covered his eyes and started counting slowly to thirty, the rest of the children scattered to the best hiding places they could find.


(v) To give in or give up; to accept defeat.
The soldiers raised a white flag over the fort to stop the attack, and then they surrendered.


(n) A feeling of joy or excitement.
At the museum, my biggest thrill was seeing the skeleton of Sue, the largest and most complete dinosaur of its kind yet discovered.

(v) To feel or cause to feel joy or excitement.
The memory of shaking hands with the famous boxer Muhammad Ali thrilled Maggie.

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