3 • Lesson 14 Word List


(adj) Showing little or no fear; ready to take risks.
Sarita’s bold plan was to dress as a boy to try out for the male lead in the play.


(adj) Clever at tricking others; sly.
No matter what we did, the raccoon found cunning ways to enter the garden for the corn.

(n) Cleverness at tricking or fooling others.
Gretel’s cunning saved her and Hansel from being cooked in the oven by the old witch.


(n) 1. Something done; an act.
Charlotte felt she had certainly done her good deed for the day when all the dishes were washed and dried.

2. A paper that shows who owns a certain building or piece of land.
The deed for the farm shows that the Saroto family has owned this land for at least one hundred years.


(v) To sleep lightly; to nap.
Sabrina tiptoed quickly through the room so that she did not arouse Grandma, who was dozing in her chair.


(adj) Having sharp points and edges; rough.
Be careful when you pick up the broken glass because the pieces are jagged.


(adj) 1. Certain; sure.
When you are positive you have finished the whole exercise, please give it to me.

2. Trying to make things better; useful.
Our teacher gave us some positive comments on the skit we were practicing for parents’ night.


(v) To look up to; to have a high opinion of.
My friend respected the way I defended my views, even though she disagreed with them.

(n) A good opinion of the worth or value of something.
Dad says he does not have respect for people who lie.


(adj) 1. Being the cause of something.
Luke quickly explained to his parents that his dog, not he, was responsible for breaking the vase.

2. Trustworthy; reliable.
My aunt and uncle are looking for a responsible teenager to care for my cousins after school.


(v) To carry in or bring out in a secret way.
The thieves smuggled the painting away from the museum in an ice-cream truck.


(n) A story or account of something that may differ from other accounts of the same event.
Trying to find out how the accident happened was not easy, because the three people who saw it each gave a different version of what took place.

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