3 • Lesson 15 Word List


(n) 1. The act of dividing.
Seth was responsible for the division of the pizza into eight equal pieces.

2. One of the parts after something has been divided.
Our team plays in the second division of the local soccer league.

3. Something that divides or keeps apart.
This river marks the division of the island of Hispaniola into two parts.


(adj) Having to do with the mind.
Mr. Plugovoy asked us to form a mental picture of one of our favorite places before we began to write about it.


(n) The way something ends; the final result.
Sylvie read until midnight to learn the outcome of the novel.


(n) Something done to pass the time pleasantly; a hobby or form of recreation.
Aunt Jane’s favorite pastime is scuba diving.


(v) 1. To raise to a higher rank or position.
An important milestone for Dalton was when he was promoted to Eagle Scout.

2. To encourage or support; to help bring about.
Talking to the people who live near you promotes a friendly neighborhood.


(v) To place in a certain class or at a certain level.
The travel magazine rated our state as one of the best places to stay in the summer.

(n) A measurement of one thing compared to something else or to what has happened before.
The growth rate in our city has increased in the last ten years.


(v) To feel sorry for something.
My brother regrets that he left his bicycle out in the rain because now the seat is soaked.

(n) A feeling of sadness or of being sorry.
Dana’s one regret was that she did not visit her grandparents this summer.


(n) A skill for doing something well that comes naturally.
Bella shows a talent for imitating other people’s voices.


(n) An idea or opinion that is used to explain or connect certain facts.
Several facts support the theory that a large object hitting Earth wiped out the dinosaurs.


(n) A series of contests in which a number of individuals or teams play against each other to find a winner.
Both my brother and sister play in the town’s tennis tournament.

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