3 • Lesson 3 Word List


(n) A strong wish to be good at something or to have something.
Clare’s ambition was to dive into the pool without making a splash.


(n) A public sale. Each item is sold to the person who offers the most money.
At the auction, Peter’s uncle bought a maple desk.


(n) The land beside the sea.
After we reached the coast, we walked a long way on the beach.

(v) To move without power or effort.
Gabriella and Lucy quickly pedaled their bikes to the top of the hill and then coasted down the other side.


(n) A flow of air, water, or electricity.
The lifeguard told us not to swim to the middle of the river, because the current there was very strong.

(adj) Of the present time.
Is Caroline’s current address 7 Elm Street, or did she move?


(adj) Weak, not very strong.
Danny looked frail when I visited him in the hospital after his operation.


(adj) Able to learn, think, and understand quickly and easily.
In our science book, we are reading some stories that show how intelligent dolphins are.


(n) A long story about people and events that are imagined by the author.
Have you read any novels by Laura Ingalls Wilder?

(adj) New and different.
In 1990, the Internet was a novel way to find information.


(n) A person who lives in a certain place.
May we go to this beach to swim, or is it for the residents of the town only?


(v) To be very hungry or to suffer because of not eating any food.
The farmers want to bring hay to the animals trapped by the flood before they starve.


(n) A person who offers to do a job, usually without pay.
Marco, who is a volunteer in our class, helps Mrs. Stevens with the art projects.

(v) To choose to do something or to give help.
Cathy volunteered to help in the library on Thursday mornings.

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