3 • Lesson 5 Word List


(v) To surprise or cause wonder.
Freddy amazed his parents by tidying his room without being told.

amazing (adj) Causing wonder or surprise.
It is amazing but true that time would slow down aboard a spaceship traveling at very high speed.


(adj) Very cold.
Many people could not start their cars during last week’s arctic weather.

Arctic (n) The area around the North Pole.
Polar bears, caribou, and snowy owls are some of the animals that live in the Arctic.


(n) 1. An open, flat area marked off for a game or sport.
After school, my friends and I met at the basketball court to practice different shots.

2. The home of a king, queen, or other royal person.
Each spring, knights and ladies gathered at the court of Queen Eleanor of France for contests, food, and dance.

3. The place where a judge holds trials and decides matters of law.
Everyone stood when Judge Jurgen entered the court and took her place on the bench.


(v) 1. To choose by voting for.
The fourth-grade students elected Jill the class president.

2. To make a choice.
This year Sui Lu elected to go to a summer camp closer to home.


(n) 1. A period of time between events.
The announcer explained that there would be a ten-minute interval before the next race began.

2. A space between two things.
The row of old oak trees, bordering the road, had been planted at intervals of forty feet.


(n) 1. A group of people that works together for a common purpose.
The league began in 1993 to protect the wild lands in Alaska.

2. A group of sports teams that play each other to see which is best.
Third baseman Ellis has the best batting average in our league.


(n) A line or point beyond which one may not go.
At our library, the limit to the number of books a person can borrow at one time is ten.

(v) To keep from going beyond a certain point.
Because the party will be in the park, we will not limit the number of people who can attend.


(n) 1. A stone marker that gives the distance in miles to another point.
On our hike, we rested by a milestone that said “Camden 26 miles.”

2. An important event.
Sending humans to the moon and bringing them back to Earth was an important milestone in the history of space travel.


(n) Anything a person does to relax or have fun; play.
Sanaa’s favorite recreation is ice-skating.


(v) 1. To grab or get in the way of a player in a game to stop the player or take the ball away.
Just as I caught the ball, Ian tackled me.

2. To do or try to do something.
Dad told my brother and me that after cleaning our rooms, we could tackle the basement.

(n) The tools needed for some activity or sport.
Opening the box of fishing tackle, we found hooks, lines, weights, and floats.

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