3 • Lesson 7 Word List


(n) 1. Something that is done.
Giving clothes and food to the family who lost everything in the house fire was a generous act.

2. A show that is put on.
One act in the spring festival will be a Guatemalan folk dance.

3. One of the main parts of a play.
During the interval between acts one and two, we can walk outside for some fresh air.

(v) 1. To do something.
Ellie acted at once when I asked her to help me move the sofa.

2. To play a part in a play, a movie, or on television.
In The Wizard of Oz, Bert Lahr acted the part of the cowardly lion.


(adj) Added or extra.
Andres brought an additional bottle of water to the tennis court because the day was quite warm.


(n) Ideas or suggestions offered to help someone with a problem or situation.
Gary asked Selena for advice about training his frisky dog Peanuts.


(v) To crush together; to bend or press into creases or wrinkles.
Sue’s shirt was crumpled after she stuffed it into the bottom of her bag and forgot about it.


(n) 1. Something that causes air to move in order to cool whatever it blows on. Some are made of folded stiff material and can be spread open for use; others are machines with blades that run on electricity.
On hot summer days, the ceiling fan keeps the living room very comfortable.

2. Someone who closely follows a group, team, or person.
The fans cheered loudly when their soccer team ran onto the field.

(v) 1. To move air with an open fan or something similar.
Gracie fanned herself with a folded newspaper.

2. (Often used with out.) To spread in the shape of an opened fan.
The students fanned out over the park, picking up any paper trash or empty bottles they found.


(v) To fix in one’s memory exactly; to learn by heart.
It amazes me how quickly Jerrard can memorize the words of a song he has heard.


(v) To confuse or puzzle someone.
How Colleen was able to find the right card mystified all of us.


(v) To stop for a short time before going on.
Ms. Bonnaire paused to see if we had questions and then finished giving us the directions for the game.

(n) A short break or rest from what has been going on.
After a short pause to catch her breath, Alexis set off for the top of the hill.


(adj) Allowing light to pass through freely so that one can see clearly.
Several kinds of fish swam past us in the transparent waters of the lake.


(v) To go out of sight; to disappear.
As the ship headed out into the channel, the land vanished under a layer of early morning fog.

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