3 • Lesson 8 Word List


(v) To hold; to have within itself.
A drop of pond water contains thousands of tiny living creatures.

container (n) A jar, box, or other object used for holding something.
Martina and Sam loved visiting the bead shop where small square containers held beads of many different colors, sizes, and shapes.


(v) To change food that has been eaten into simpler forms that the body can use.
Because Janine cannot digest milk, her parents give her soy drinks.


(adj) Hard to please; fussy.
Adriana knew her parents would think she was being finicky, but she was just not hungry.


(n) 1. Something that a person does so often that it is done without thinking.
Katie’s habit of saying “you know” after every sentence is annoying.

2. A special kind of clothing worn by certain groups.
A very important part of a riding habit is the hard helmet to protect the head in case of a fall.


(n) A joint on a lid or door that allows it to swing open or shut.
Roger oiled the steel hinges on our front gate from time to time so they would not rust.


(n) A low-lying area, often covered with tall grasses, where the ground is soft and wet.
The marshes near Long Island Sound provide a home for many snails, crabs, and minnows.

marshy (adj) Soft and moist underfoot.
Reeds and cattails grow in the marshy area near the lake.


(n) 1. A room or other place set aside for the use of babies and small children.
On our visit to the hospital, we stopped by the nursery to take a look at our new cousin, who was sleeping peacefully.

2. A place where plants are grown for sale.
On Saturday, Uncle Karl and Aunt Ruby went to the nursery to choose two locust trees to plant in front of their house.


(v) To count on; to look to for support.
When they asked Diane if they could rely on her to deliver the secret message to the right person, she said, “Of course!”

reliable (adj) Trustworthy; not likely to fail.
Until he could repair the brakes, Dad said our car was not reliable enough for a long trip.


(n) 1. The backbone.
The spine protects the nerves that run from the brain to every part of the body.

2. A thin, sharp, stiff part that sticks out on certain plants and animals.
The one-inch-long spines on a prickly pear cactus have been used to make toothpicks and needles.


(v) To do well; to grow strong and healthy.
Lavender plants thrive in sunny spots without too much water.

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