4 • Lesson 1 Word List


(v) To help or be helpful to; to be useful to.
That preschool program benefits young children.

(n) 1. Something that is useful or helpful, that does good.
One of the benefits of my exercise program is that I sleep better.

2. An event held to raise money for a cause.
The library’s benefit raised enough money for a new children’s room.


(adj) 1. Having no missing parts; whole.
She bought a complete set of painting tools at a yard sale.

2. Finished.
The new section of our school is now complete.

(v) To finish.
Please complete your homework before dinner.


(v) 1. To go through a process of growth.
Running regularly develops strong leg muscles.

2. To bring or come into being.
The day after I brushed against the poison ivy, a rash developed on my leg.


(v) To cause feelings of fear, worry, or surprise.
A large crack in the ceiling of our newly painted kitchen dismayed my parents.

(n) A sudden loss of courage because of fear or worry.
Just after we began hiking, we were filled with dismay when we heard the rumble of a rock slide.


(n) A state of being comfortable—without worry, pain, or trouble.
My piano lessons allow me to play a concert with ease.

(v) To make less worried, pained, or troubled.
It eased my mind to hear you were safe.


(n) Small lumps of frozen rain.
The hail bouncing off the metal roof of the garage made a terrible noise.

(v) 1. To fall as frozen rain.
My father’s corn plants suffered a lot of damage when it hailed yesterday.

2. To greet or welcome, usually with admiration.
The band played “Hail to the Chief” as the president came in.


(v) To be without.
He never sees the funny side of things, because he lacks a sense of humor.

(n) A shortage.
A lack of money forced our library to close on weekends.


(adj) 1. Chief; main.
Flip the master switch to turn on the power.

2. Greatly skilled.
Rick is a master carpenter.

(v) To become skilled at.
My mother mastered the new computer program in just a few weeks.


(n) One who loves, supports, and is loyal to his or her country.
George Washington was a patriot who helped unite the United States.

patriotic (adj) Having or showing love of one’s country.
“America the Beautiful” is a patriotic song with words written by Katharine Lee Bates.

patriotism (n) Love of one’s country.
Some people show their patriotism by proudly flying their country’s flag.


(n) A plan or idea for doing something.
My science project is going to show what acid rain does to plants.

(v) 1. To stick out.
Nails are still projecting out of the new floor, so be careful where you walk.

2. To cause an image to be shown on a screen.
This machine projects color slides but not movies.


(v) 1. To make a statement of praise.
I loved The Secret Garden, and I highly recommend it.

2. To give advice; to suggest.
Dentists usually recommend that you have a checkup twice a year.


(v) To say; to make a comment.
My grandmother remarked on how well I looked.

(n) Something said; a comment.
When no one else could think of anything to say, I made a remark about how badly we needed rain.

remarkable (adj) Deserving of being noticed; unusual.
For such a young child, he had remarkable strength.


(v) 1. To stand for or in place of.
Three dots represent the letter “S” in the Morse code.

2. To act in place of.
Each state in the U.S. elects two senators to represent it in Congress.


(adj) Enough to fill a need.
Ten lessons on the oboe were sufficient to earn me a place in the school band.


(v) To make sounds with the voice; to speak.
Please don’t utter another word.


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