4 • Lesson 5 Word List


(adj) Happening suddenly, without warning.
When the bus made an abrupt stop, several people were thrown off balance.


(v) To do what one sets out to do.
Even though she was blind and deaf, Helen Keller achieved her goal of graduating from college.

achievement (n) Something done that takes skill or effort.
Landing astronauts on the moon was a great achievement.


(v) To try; to make an effort.
When I attempted to leave class early, the teacher asked me to wait until the period was over.

(n) A try.
The athlete cleared the bar in the high jump on her third attempt.


(n) A feeling that someone or something is bad or unworthy.
Their classmates felt nothing but contempt for those who refused to help the new student.


(v) 1. To interest and amuse.
My little brother Ramon entertained himself for hours with his new paints.

2. To have guests.
We entertained some old friends on Thanksgiving weekend.

3. To have in mind.
Lin is entertaining the idea of going to soccer camp next summer.


(v) To get a quick look at.
I glimpsed a black bear near our campground.

(n) A quick or hasty look.
I was excited to get a glimpse of the famous author at the restaurant.


(v) To make fun of.
Cinderella’s stepsisters mocked her for thinking she could go to the ball.

(adj) Not real; pretend.
I pretended to be a lawyer at the mock trial we had at school to learn about the law.


(v) 1. To keep on doing or trying.
In spite of many falls on the ice, I persisted and finally was able to skate backward.

2. To go on and on.
If this rain persists, we’ll have to cut our vacation short.

persistence (n) Sticking to something; not giving up.
Ramon’s persistence was rewarded when the teacher let him do his magic tricks for the class.

persistent (adj) Refusing to give up.
The persistent teacher would not stop until we understood long division.


(v) To win someone over by arguing or asking.
Frank finally persuaded me to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

persuasive (adj) Having the power to persuade.
Mary was so persuasive that we agreed to help her paint her room.


(n) A stage in a series of changes.
The full moon is one of the phases of the moon.


(adj) Odd or unusual in a pleasing or old-fashioned way.
Wooden shoes seem quaint to Americans, but not to the people of Holland.


(v) 1. To remember.
Do you recall what time we left for the soccer game?

2. To call or take back.
The builder recalled the baby cribs because they were not safe.


(v) To refuse to accept or use.
The school board rejected the plan for the new gym because the cost was excessive.

(n) Something that falls short of what is acceptable.
Peter buys clothing rejects and sews them into better styles.


(v) 1. To go over carefully in order to correct or improve.
I don’t like to revise my stories, but they get better when I do.

2. To change in order to bring up to date.
Our soccer league revised the rules to keep more people from getting hurt.


(adj) 1. Quick to notice or feel.
My mom is very sensitive to my feelings.

2. Easily affected by even slight change.
I wear sunglasses because my eyes are sensitive to light.

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