4 • Lesson 7 Word List


(v) To change in some way; to make or become different.
Let’s alter our uniforms so they will fit better.

alteration (n) A change.
Please don’t make any alterations to my part of the project.


(v) 1. To make or become unclear or mixed up in the mind.
That math problem totally confused me.

2. To mistake one person or thing for another.
I always confuse Sally with her twin sister Samantha.

confusing (adj) Hard to follow or understand; unclear.
The play was confusing at first, but I began to understand it in the second act.

confusion (n) A state of disorder.
After the playoff game, the dressing room was total confusion.


(v) 1. To give out; to divide among several or many.
DeRay distributed programs before the concert.

2. To be spread over.
Small parks are distributed around our neighborhood.


(v) To force or throw out.
When the seventh graders refused to listen, the coach ejected them from the team meeting.


(v) 1. To hold closely in one’s arms; to hug.
My parents embraced me when I got home from school.

2. To take up seriously.
We embraced the idea of smaller classes but lacked the teachers to carry it out.

(n) A hug.
At the end of the movie, the hero and the heroine were locked in an embrace.


(v) To provide with what is needed.
All new cars now come equipped with airbags.

equipment (n) Things that are needed for some activity.
Sarah bought all her camping equipment at yard sales.


(adj) 1. Able to bend easily.
Dancers and gymnasts have very flexible bodies.

2. Able to adjust to new or different situations.
Antonio is so flexible he can get along with anyone.


(n) A moment; a very short period of time.
It took Luis only an instant to calculate the amount of paint we would need.

(adj) Happening or done at once; quick.
He gave an instant “yes” to her offer.


(adj) 1. Having a sharp edge.
The keen blade of the knife sliced through the loaf of bread with ease.

2. Showing a strong interest; eager.
Marta signed up for lessons because she was keen to learn to play the guitar.

3. Having sharp senses; quick to understand.
With her keen mind, she was able to master vocabulary with ease.


(v) To walk in an uneven way.
I limped for two weeks after I fell on the ice.

(n) An uneven or lopsided walk.
The dog had a funny limp as it walked up to the house.

(adj) Not stiff or firm.
His handshake was as limp as a wet rag.


(v) To move quickly, with rapid little steps.
The squirrel scurried up the tree as we approached.


(v) 1. To grasp suddenly; to grab hold of.
He seized my hand and begged me not to go.

2. To take by force of the law.
The government can seize many of the things you own if you do not pay your taxes.


(adj) 1. Not deep.
We went wading in a shallow stream.

2. With little seriousness or deep thought.
He tried to sound intelligent, but his arguments were really quite shallow.


(v) To enclose on all sides.
The garden was surrounded by a high fence.

surroundings (n, pl) The things or conditions around a person or place.
The park’s peaceful surroundings made it a perfect place to relax.


(n) One who is hurt or killed, or one who suffers.
The scoundrel denied that he had cheated his victims of their life savings.

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