4 • Lesson 8 Word List


(adj) Very old; of a long time ago.
The ancient city is full of beautiful old buildings.


(n) A period of one hundred years.
The twenty-first century began on January 1, 2001.


(n) A room.
The queen always has breakfast in her chamber before she comes downstairs.

chambers (n, pl) An office or group of offices.
Lawyers for both sides met in the judge’s chambers.


(v) To go or come down.
The plane slowly descended to 2,000 feet.

descendant (n) One who has certain persons as one’s parents, grandparents, etc.
The writer Alex Haley was a descendant of Kunta Kinte, who was enslaved and brought to America from West Africa in 1767.


(n) 1. A way in.
The thieves gained entry through an unlocked window.

2. Each separate item in a diary or list.
The next entry in her diary simply said, “My brother returned home today after a long absence.”


(n) The inside part of something.
The sun’s interior is about 150,000 times hotter than boiling water.

(adj) Having to do with the inside part.
Interior doors do not have to be as strongly made as front or back doors.


(v) To come or go in without permission or welcome.
I didn’t mean to intrude on you while you were working.

intrusion (n) The act of intruding.
“Forgive my intrusion,” she said as she came in without knocking.

intruder (n) One who intrudes.
People were so unfriendly that I felt like an intruder at Jeff’s party.


(v) 1. To find.
Marta located the missing books in less than an hour.

2. To put or to be found in a place.
We found out they are going to locate a park across the street from our house.

location (n) The place where something can be found.
Will you please give me the location of the nearest post office?


(n) 1. A part of a written work or piece of music.
The final passage of the musical piece brought tears to our eyes.

2. The act or process of passing, as through time or from place to place.
I wanted to slow the passage of time so my vacation would not end.

3. A way through which to pass.
Leon’s room was at the end of a long, dimly lit passage.


(n) 1. A part or share of the whole.
I got the first portion of my allowance last week.

2. A serving or helping, as of food.
My doctor tells me to eat a four-ounce portion of fish or chicken once a day.


(adj) 1. Very valuable.
The necklace was made of diamonds, emeralds, and other precious stones.

2. Much loved.
She tried in vain to save her precious books from the fire.


(n)1. A deep pit where stone is cut out of the ground.
The rock for this building came from a quarry in Vermont.

2. An animal that is being hunted.
The hunters gave up the chase when they lost sight of their quarry.


(n) A slanted walk or roadway that connects a lower to a higher place.
Because of my wheelchair, I’m glad there is a law that says there has to be a ramp for those who cannot use the steps.


(adj) Having lots of room.
The spacious kitchen had room for a large round table that seated eight.


(n) 1. The outside layer; the top.
The surface of the moon is covered with craters.

2. An outward look or appearance.
He seemed cheerful on the surface, but I knew how sad he was inside.

(v) To rise to the top of a body of water.
The latest submarines can stay underwater for weeks before they need to surface.

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