5 • Lesson 1 Word List


(v) To make familiar.
Every fall the students accustom themselves to the new schedule.

accustomed (adj) 1. Usual.
We sat in our accustomed places.

2. Used to.
My eyes soon became accustomed to the dark.


(adj) Watchful; wide-awake.
The shortstop was not alert and missed the catch.

(v) To warn to be ready.
A sign alerted drivers to the flooded road ahead.

(n) A warning signal.
Because of the forest fires, the nearby towns have a fire alert.


(v) 1. To select for a position or for what has to be done.
For this year’s basketball team, the coach assigned me to play as a forward.

2. To give out, as a piece of work to be done.
Our science teacher usually assigns two chapters a week as homework.

assignment (n) Whatever is given out as work to be done.
What was the assignment for tomorrow’s history class?


(v) To move or shift.
The old metal trunk was so heavy we could not budge it.


(adj) Big and strongly built.
Most football players are quite burly.


(n) One who spends time with or does things with another.
My grandmother was always an interesting companion when we went to the city for the day.


(adj) Getting along well together.
Julie and I didn’t mind sharing a room, because we were so compatible.


(n) A general idea or thought about something.
For our project, we started with the concept of helping our community.


(v) To draw one’s thoughts or attention away from the subject at hand.
The police sirens distracted me, so I didn’t hear what you said.

distraction (n) Something that draws one’s thoughts or attention away.
I do my homework during study period when there are no distractions.


(v) To push or shove.
I dropped my phone when someone in the crowd jostled me.


(adj) Doing what one is asked or told.
When giving orders, my mother expects all of us to be obedient.

obedience (n) The state or condition of doing what one is told.
We are trying to teach obedience to our new puppy.


(n) Something that prevents one from moving forward.
The obstacle holding up traffic was a tree blown over by last night’s storm.


(adj) Willing to wait without complaining.
The audience was very patient even though the show started thirty minutes late.

(n) A person in a doctor’s care.
The patients in this part of the hospital are recovering from operations.

patience (n) A willingness to wait for someone or something without complaining.
Having to stand in line for an hour to buy tickets really tested my patience.


(n) A person who is walking; someone traveling on foot.
Pedestrians should use the crosswalk to avoid accidents.


(v) 1. To stop working because one has reached a certain age.
My grandfather wishes he could quit his job and retire, but he needs to work a few more years.

2. To go to bed.
I was not feeling well, so I retired early.

retirement (n) The state of no longer working.
Uncle Eli regularly saved money for his retirement.

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