5 • Lesson 10 Word List


(adj) Easy to get; present and ready for use.
The salesperson said the jacket was available in black, brown, and white.


(n) The state of being enslaved.
It is shocking that some people still live in bondage in the twenty-first century.


(v) To give to those in need, often through an organization.
People across the country donated food and clothing to the victims of the flood.

donation (n) Whatever is donated, such as money or goods.
Donations to help rebuild the community center now total sixty thousand dollars.


(v) 1. To set up or begin.
Established in 1636, Harvard College, now part of Harvard University, is the oldest college in the United States.

2. To show to be true.
Scientists have established beyond any doubt that smoking causes cancer and other diseases.

establishment (n) Something that has been established, especially a place of business or a public building.
Many restaurants, stores, and other establishments are open all night.


(v) 1. To keep away from; to avoid being caught.
The chipmunk evaded the cat by scrambling up a tree.

2. To avoid doing or answering.
People who evade their responsibilities usually end up wishing they hadn’t.

evasive (adj) Carefully avoiding saying too much; not open or direct.
The teenagers were evasive when asked where they had been all evening.


(v) To free.
A group objecting to trapping animals opened the monkey cages and liberated the animals inside them.


(adj) A large number; very many.
The bus makes numerous stops before it leaves us at school.


(n) 1. A particular time.
I recognized Ranesha at once because we had met on a previous occasion.

2. A special event.
My grandparents’ anniversary party was a fun occasion for the whole family.

occasional (adj) Happening once in a while.
We make an occasional trip to town to pick up supplies.


(v) To be or act against.
Moin, my best friend, will oppose me in the chess tournament.

opposition (n) The act or condition of being against.
There was no opposition to the suggested plan, which passed by a vote of 16 to 0.


(v) To forbid by law or order.
The law now prohibits smoking in many public places.


(v) 1. To follow in order to capture; to chase.
Police pursued the stolen car in a high-speed chase across town.

2. To seek actively; to carry on with.
Do you intend to pursue a career in medicine?

pursuit (n) 1. The act of following after.
In the early 1930s, people desperate for work poured into cities in pursuit of jobs.

2. An activity, as a job or sport, that a person takes part in.
Jennie and Ahmed enjoy canoeing and other outdoor pursuits during the summer.


(v) To make less worried or fearful; to comfort.
I was nervous before the recital, but my piano teacher reassured me.

reassurance (n) The act of giving comfort or the state of receiving comfort.
Coach Ward’s reassurances made us more optimistic about our chances of winning.


(adj) Not wanting to do something; unwilling.
We were reluctant to leave our warm beds when we saw the ice on the windows.

reluctance (n) The state of not wanting to do something.
With great reluctance, I agreed to clean my room before my cousins arrived on Saturday.


(adj) 1. Excellent of its kind.
Margot made the team because she is a superior runner.

2. Higher in position or rank.
A general is superior to a sergeant in the army.

(n) A person of higher rank.
I reported to my superior as soon as I returned to work.


(v) To want very badly; to be filled with longing.
Dorothy told the Wizard of Oz that she yearned to be back in Kansas.

yearning (n) A longing or strong desire.
As rain leaked slowly through the roof of our tent, I was filled with a yearning for my warm, dry bed at home.

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