5 • Lesson 14 Word List


(n) 1. Freedom or permission to enter.
The students want access to the gym this summer.

2. A way of approach or entry.
The only access to the harbor is this channel.

accessible (adj) Able to be used or entered.
Franklin’s Restaurant is accessible to people in wheelchairs.


(v) 1. To bring together in the mind.
Many people associate Florida with oranges.

2. To come or be together as friends or companions.
Because of her love of racehorses, Anne often associated with others who shared that love—jockeys and trainers.

(n) A person with whom one is connected in some way, as in business.
My father discussed a project with his associate at work.


(adj) Noisy and uncontrolled.
The Dixons’ party became so boisterous that their neighbors complained.


(adj) 1. Very bright; sparkling.
My black leather shoes had a brilliant shine.

2. Very clever or smart.
My oldest sister is so brilliant she might finish high school in three years.


(n) A ten-year period.
I have hope that the next decade will be better than the last.


(adj) 1. Easily broken or damaged.
We always wash this delicate antique plate by hand.

2. Needing care and skill.
Convincing small children to share a toy can be a delicate task.

3. In poor health; weak.
Although Isabella Bird Bishop was a delicate child, as an adult, she traveled through many different parts of the world, sometimes by canoe and other times on horseback.


(v) 1. To hire and put to work for pay.
Carmen’s gift shop employs four people.

2. To use.
The clown employed every trick he knew to make the children laugh.


(adj) Doing nothing; not working.
The workers were idle while the power was shut off.

(v) 1. To spend one’s time doing nothing.
Last Sunday, while my brother idled for more than an hour in the house, I raked leaves in the yard.

2. To run (an engine) slowly.
Let the car idle for a few minutes so that the engine can warm up.


(v) 1. To light up; to supply with light.
The full moon illuminated the path through the woods to our cabin.

2. To make clear or understandable.
The teacher’s explanation illuminated the math problem for me.


(v) 1. To give what is needed; to supply.
Two local companies provided the money to buy our school band uniforms.

2. To set forth as a condition.
Our agreement with the teacher provides for a party if we turn our work in on time all year.


(v) To need or demand.
Plants require light and water in order to grow.

requirement (n) Something that is necessary.
A place to sleep and a simple meal were Johnny Appleseed’s only requirements.


(v) To make fun of in an insulting way; to jeer.
Don’t taunt someone just because that person appears different.

(n) An insulting remark.
An umpire learns to ignore the taunts of the crowd and just get on with the job.


(adj) Willing to let others have their own beliefs and ways, even if different from one’s own.
Traveling is both interesting and enjoyable if you are tolerant of customs that seem strange to you.

tolerate (v) To accept willingly and without complaining.
You learn to tolerate a certain amount of noise when you live near an airport.


(v) To change the form, looks, or nature of.
A fresh coat of paint will transform this room.

transformation (n) A complete change.
The transformation of the frog into a prince comes at the end of the story.


(n) An area where there are few people living; an area still in its natural state.
The Rocky Mountain states contain large areas of wilderness.

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