5 • Lesson 2 Word List


(n) A smell or odor, especially a pleasant one.
The aroma of hot buttered popcorn made our mouths water.


(n) A liquid used as a drink.
When we ordered our beverages, I chose lemonade.


(adj) 1. Lacking a strong flavor.
I don’t really like bland foods, so I always have a bottle of hot sauce with me.

2. Not irritating, exciting, or disturbing.
The doctor’s bland manner soon calmed the crying child.


(adj) Easily broken; not flexible.
Candy canes are brittle and should be handled with care.


(n) A number of similar things grouped together.
Clusters of brightly colored flowers grew along the side of the road.

(v) To gather or come together in a group.
The children clustered around the storyteller.


(v) To join or bring together.
We combine oil and vinegar to make the salad dressing.

combination (n) A joining or bringing together.
Our team’s victory resulted from a combination of hard work and good luck.


(v) 1. To use up.
Piano practice consumes all of Alex’s free time.

2. To eat or drink.
A horse consumes fifty pounds of hay a day.

3. To do away with or destroy.
The forest fire consumed over two thousand acres in Oregon.


(v) To have a strong desire for.
When he was a teenager, Abraham Lincoln craved knowledge so much that he would walk miles to borrow a book he had not read.

craving (n) A strong desire.
After the hike, we all had a craving for lots of cool water.


(v) 1. To prepare land for the growing of crops.
Before the spring planting, farmers cultivate the soil.

2. To grow or to help to grow.
Ana cultivates tomatoes every year in her garden.

3. To encourage development by attention or study.
Parents can cultivate a love of nature in their children by taking them on hikes in the country.


(adj) Equal to.
Although the decimal 0.5 and the fraction 1/2 appear to be different, they are equivalent amounts.

(n) That which is equal to.
One year of a dog’s life is the equivalent of seven human years.


(v) To send goods to another country for sale.
Colombia exports coffee to countries all over the world.

(n) Something exported.
Grain is an important export of the United States.


(v) 1. To remove or take out.
Dr. Bogasian will extract my wisdom tooth next week.

2. To obtain with an effort.
I extracted a promise from them to leave us alone.

(n) Something removed or taken out.
Vanilla extract comes from the seedpods of vanilla plants.


(v) 1. To cause to know; to make known by name.
Let me introduce you to my new friend, Manoj.

2. To bring to the attention of, especially for the first time.
Our friends in Hawaii introduced us to scuba diving.

3. To bring into use.
The invention of the airplane introduced a new way of traveling.

introduction (n) 1. Something spoken or written before the main part.
We read the introduction before going on to the rest of the book.

2. The act of being made known by name.
After my introduction to the others in the room, I relaxed and enjoyed the party.


(v) To buy.
My older brother is saving money to purchase a used car so he can get to his job more easily.

(n) 1. Something that is bought.
My aunt came over to give us her purchases from the market for Sunday dinner.

2. The act of buying.
I looked at and rode several bicycles before I made a purchase.


(adj) 1. Of, from, or similar to the regions near the equator.
Ecuador, which lies on the equator, is a tropical country.

2. Hot and moist.
In Miami, we have tropical weather even in the winter months.

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