5 • Lesson 4 Word List


(adj) 1. Able to give a correct reading or measurement.
This clock is so accurate that it gains less than one second a year.

2. Without mistakes or errors in facts.
In science class we make accurate drawings of the plants we study.

accuracy (n) Correctness, exactness.
I question the accuracy of your report because others have described the accident quite differently.


(adj) Not exact, but close enough to be reasonably correct.
The approximate weight of the puppy was ten pounds.


(n) 1. The path over which something moves.
The spaceship is now on a course for Mars.

2. A way of acting or behaving.
Because it is raining so hard, our best course is to wait in the car until the storm ends.

3. A subject or set of subjects to be studied.
The high school science course includes several field trips.


(v) To leave; to go away from a place.
The bus for Detroit departs at ten o’clock.

departure (n) The act of leaving.
We were sad after the departure of our friends.


(v) To lose hope.
When neither the library nor the bookstore had it, I despaired of ever finding the book I wanted.

(n) A total lack of hope.
The look of despair on their faces told me that the situation was worse than I had feared.


(n) The place to which something or someone is going.
Tell the clerk your destination when you buy your ticket.


(v) To make or become worse.
The sidewalks in our neighborhood have deteriorated because the city has not taken care of them.


(n) 1. A very strong wind.
Last night’s gale tore several tiles off the roof.

2. A loud outburst.
We heard gales of laughter coming from the party.


(n) The apparent line in the distance where the sky meets the sea or land.
We watched the setting sun sink slowly over the horizon.

horizontal (adj) Going straight across from side to side.
The shoeboxes were in a horizontal row at the back of the closet.


(n) A feeling or expression of great joy.
There was jubilation among the fans when the team won the championship.

jubilant (adj) Very happy.
My family was jubilant when Aunt Fee survived the heart operation.


(v) To calculate or direct the movement of a ship or aircraft.
Sailors navigate their ships into port when they need supplies.

navigation (n) The science or practice of navigating.
Mark Twain learned navigation during his time on a boat on the Mississippi River.


(n) A longing for a certain time in the past.
Seeing the photographs of my first dog filled me with nostalgia.

nostalgic (adj) Having feelings of nostalgia.
I became nostalgic when I heard you playing the song my grandfather used to sing to me.


(v) 1. To make or become strong again.
A short rest will revive you.

2. To bring back into use or fashion.
The new musical show revives several of our favorite childhood songs.


(v) 1. To break off.
After the argument, the two families severed all ties with each other.

2. To cut in two.
Irving accidentally severed the garden hose while mowing the lawn.


(n) A long journey by sea or in space.
The voyage across the Pacific will take three weeks.

(v) To make a journey by sea or in space.
Long before Columbus, the Vikings voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean to reach North America.

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