5 • Lesson 7 Word List


(n) 1. A group of people, animals, or plants living close together.
We found a colony of ants in the yard.

2. A group of people who settle in a new land and have legal ties to the country they came from.
English people formed a colony at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607.


(v) 1. To make up for, to be equivalent to.
My parents gave me another bike to compensate for the one that was stolen.

2. To pay for.
Our student council voted to compensate the students who help clean up the lunchroom.

compensation (n) Payment to make up for something.
Isa received ten thousand dollars as compensation for injuries she suffered when her bike fell apart.


(v) 1. To lay down.
The hikers deposited their backpacks on the porch.

2. To put money into a bank account or to give as partial payment.
Sign your name on the back before you deposit the check.

(n) 1. Something laid down.
The flood left a deposit of stones on the riverbanks.

2. Money put into a bank account or given as partial payment.
For a $20 deposit, the store will hold the winter coat.


(v) To attract; to strongly hold the interest of.
The circus clowns fascinated the children in the audience.

fascinating (adj) Extremely interesting.
The museum has a fascinating display of Native American crafts.


(adj) 1. Having little strength, weak.
Lions prey on the most feeble zebras in the herd.

2. Not very believable or satisfying.
Henry gave the teacher a feeble explanation for being late to class: His watch was broken.


(adj) 1. Following rules or customs, often in an exact and proper way.
The president gave a formal dinner at the White House.

2. Suitable for events where strict standards of dress and behavior are expected.
Ming wanted a formal dress for the fancy party.


(adj) 1. Very cold.
The morning air was so frigid that her mom’s car would not start.

2. Lacking a warm manner; unfriendly.
The frigid greeting we received made it clear that we were not welcome.


(adj) 1. Rough and unpleasant to the senses.
In a harsh tone of voice, the farmer ordered us to stay away from the cows.

2. Causing pain; cruel.
My brother’s harsh words hurt me deeply, and he later told me he was sorry.

3. Not suitable for living things; extremely uncomfortable.
Northern Canada’s harsh climate keeps people from settling there.


(v) 1. To crowd together.
When the downpour began, we all huddled under one umbrella.

2. To curl one’s limbs up close to one’s body.
During their first night at camp, Alya and Inez huddled under their thin blankets to keep warm.

(n) A closely packed group.
The players went into a huddle to plan the next play.


(adj) 1. Far away in time or space.
The trail took them through a remote region of the Amazon rainforest.

2. Slight or faint.
There was only a remote chance of reaching our destination on time.

3. Controlled indirectly or from a distance.
Dad told us to do a better job of sharing the television remote control.

4. Distant in manner.
The store clerk seemed very remote and hardly looked at us when we asked for help.


(v) To be like or similar to.
The markings on the wings of the moth resemble the eyes of a small animal and help protect it from becoming prey.


(adj) 1. Stiff and unbending; not flexible.
The frozen rope was as rigid as a stick.

2. Strict; not easily changed.
The school has a rigid rule that students must wear uniforms.


(adj) 1. Being alone; lacking the company of others.
In the nineteenth century, lighthouse keepers often led solitary lives.

2. Being the only one.
A solitary elm grew in the middle of the field.


(adj) 1. Strong; solid.
The chair is not substantial enough to support the weight of an adult.

2. Great in value or size.
I received a substantial increase in my allowance because I agreed to do more chores.


(v) To walk with short steps, swaying from side to side.
The duck left the pond and waddled toward us.

(n) An awkward, clumsy walk.
The baby smiled excitedly as he ended his waddle across the room.

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