6 • Lesson 20 Word List


(v) To talk in a loud and bullying manner.
“It’s none of your business,” he blustered when asked why he had stolen the money.

(n) Loud, boastful or threatening talk or commotion.
They can talk tough, but their bluster doesn’t scare me.

blustering (adj) Blowing loudly and violently.
The blustering winds buffeted the ferry as it crossed the lake.


(n) A group of people who meet to decide or plan something, give advice, or make laws.
Members of the town council are elected for a two-year term.


(v) 1. To live or reside.
How long did you dwell in the house where you were born?

2. To keep thinking about.
It does no good to dwell on past mistakes.

dwelling (n) A house or home.
The only difference between one dwelling and the next was the color of the doors and shutters.


(v) To kill or destroy completely.
The hardware store sells products to exterminate ants and cockroaches.


(n) A fixed sum of money charged.
The admission fee for the art museum is five dollars.


(n) Any piece of clothing.
These delicate garments should be washed by hand.


(v) To overrun in a way that causes harm or annoyance.
Drastic measures are needed to deal with rats that infest the neighborhood.


(v) To take a stand and hold firmly to it.
Her parents insist that she vacate her room so the walls can be scoured and painted.

insistent (adj) Unyielding; firm.
The bird-watcher was insistent that everyone visit the bird sanctuary.


(adj) Very small and worthless; hardly worth considering.
Five dollars may seem a paltry sum today, but in 1914 it was a day’s wage for an automobile worker.


(adj) 1. Odd; strange.
It seems peculiar that such a frugal person would give everyone extravagant gifts.

2. Limited to a person, country, group, or thing.
Koalas are peculiar to Australia.


(n) 1. A breaking out of red spots on the skin.
This ointment will soothe the baby’s rash.

2. A series of outbreaks.
A rash of storms disturbed the area right after Labor Day.

(adj) Too hasty or reckless.
I regretted the rash statements I made while I was angry.


(n) 1. The desire to return harm for harm done.
Revenge for past wrongs was the only thing on their minds.

2. The act of paying back wrong done.
“I’ll have my revenge,” said the victim of the hoax.

(v) To get even for a wrong done; to retaliate.
The Sheriff of Nottingham swore to revenge the raids made by Robin Hood.


(n) An animal with sharp teeth for gnawing.
Small rodents such as gerbils and hamsters are popular pets.

(adj) Of or relating to rodents.
The rodent droppings in the attic were a sign of mice.


(v) To move in large numbers.
Soccer fans swarmed into the stadium for the final game of the series.

(n) A large, moving crowd or mass.
The bees emerged from the hive in a dense swarm.


(n) A large container such as a tub or barrel used for holding liquids.
Olive oil is stored in these large vats.


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