6 • Lesson 6 Word List


(n) The things that are worn by a person; clothing.
Partygoers dressed in their finest apparel for New Year’s Eve.


(v) 1. To see the worth or quality of.
I appreciate handmade gifts my friends made for me.

2. To increase in value.
The baseball card I bought for three dollars has appreciated to five dollars in just one year.


(adj) Going on without stopping.
The continuous flow of traffic makes it impossible to cross the street here.


(v) 1. To make or become liquid.
Sugar dissolves easily in warm water.

2. To bring or to come to an end.
The members agreed to dissolve the chess club.


(v) To tame; to bring plants or animals under human control.
Some people claim that they can domesticate skunks and that they make good pets.

domesticated (adj) Brought under human control; tamed or cultivated.
The carrot is a domesticated form of a plant called Queen Anne’s lace.


(v) 1. To come into view; to appear.
A large brown bear emerged from the cave.

2. To become known.
The truth did not emerge until the trial was under way.


(n) 1. A thin, threadlike part of animal hair or plant tissue; also, an artificial thread that resembles this.
Cotton, wool, and rayon fibers can all be spun into yarn to make cloth.

2. An arrangement of body cells that forms muscles and nerves.
Red meat is made up of muscle fiber.

3. A food substance that provides bulk but is not digested.
Beans and whole grains are good sources of fiber in one’s diet.


(v) To serve a purpose.
This couch also functions as a bed.

(n) 1. The special purpose something is used for.
One function of a dictionary is to define words.

2. An important ceremony or gathering.
Following tonight’s function to honor the retiring teachers, there will be a buffet.


(v) 1. To come or to bring forth from an egg.
A little yellow chick hatched last night.

2. To think up.
The children hatched a plot to scare their parents.

(n) A small opening with a door or cover.
The hatch on the main deck flew open when the ship hit a reef.


(v) To prevent from doing something or to prevent from happening.
Oil inhibits the formation of rust on metal.

inhibited (adj) Held back because of shyness.
Inhibited people don’t make friends easily.


(adj) Very small; tiny.
A minute speck of dust in one’s eye can be very annoying.


(n) 1. Movement.
The motion of the train almost put me to sleep.

2. A suggestion on which members at a meeting must vote.
The motion to end further discussion was defeated by a show of hands.

(v) To signal.
The shop owner motioned for the shoppers to come in.

motionless (adj) Not moving; stationary.
The bus remained motionless in the morning traffic jam.


(v) To cover with something that protects.
Metal workers will sheathe the ship’s bottom with copper plates.


(v) 1. To lose; to give up.
Cats shed hair in the summer.

2. To cause to flow.
The family shed tears of joy when they heard their lost dog had been found.

3. To throw off water without letting it soak through.
A raincoat should shed water.

4. To send out or give off.
The full moon shed a bright light.


(v) To move, carry, send, or change from one person or place to another.
Transfer your notes to a fresh notebook.

(n) 1. The act of transferring.
After moving his data to a new hard drive, Oscar received a message that said, “The transfer is complete.”

2. A ticket used for transferring from one bus or train to another.
A transfer from the subway allows riders to continue by bus without paying an additional charge.


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