6 • Lesson 8 Word List


(v) 1. To go along with; to be together.
Thunder often accompanies lightning.

2. To play a musical instrument for or with.
The pianist offered to accompany the singer.


(adj) Being of use; helpful; favorable.
A balanced diet is beneficial to one’s health.


(n) One that is held prisoner.
The captives were closely guarded.

(adj) Unable to escape or get away.
The hospital patients provided a captive audience for the comedian.

captivity (n) The state of being held against one’s will; loss of freedom.
The giant panda is thriving in captivity.


(adj) Suitable for one’s needs; making life easier or more comfortable.
The bus stop is convenient because it’s close to my house.

convenience (n) Anything that makes life easier or more comfortable.
We appreciated the central air-conditioning and other conveniences of the apartment.


(n) A strong feeling of emotion, especially joy.
Fans screamed in ecstasy when their idol appeared on stage.

ecstatic (adj)  Full of or causing ecstasy.
The winners were ecstatic when the judges read the names.


(n) A wide, open area or surface; a stretch.
Wheat grows on the broad expanse of the Kansas prairie.


(n) 1. A long journey by a group to explore or do battle.
The expedition into the Brazilian rain forest lasted nearly a year.

2. A group that makes such a journey.
The expedition was attempting to find the origin of the Nile.


(adj) 1. Clumsily or awkwardly expressed; not suitable for the occasion.
That inept remark you made upset those who overheard it.

2. Lacking in skill or ability.
An inept handler damaged the contents of the crate.


(v) 1. To translate into another language.
A native Parisian was hired to interpret the French minister’s remarks for the audience.

2. To explain the meaning of.
Josef offered to interpret the dream.

3. To understand in one’s own way.
The coach interpreted my absence from the team meeting as a lack of commitment to the team.


(adj) Too valuable to measure; priceless.
The students’ help in organizing the boycott was invaluable.


(v) To be slow in leaving or going away.
The students lingered in the hall, reluctant to go out into the cold.


(v) 1. To get back; to recover.
Campers can retrieve their lost items from the lost and found.

2. To find and bring back.
The puppy retrieves sticks the children throw in the pond.


(n) A minor fight or battle.
Apart from a few skirmishes, both sides kept the cease-fire that had been agreed to.

(v) To take part in such a fight.
The two sides began to skirmish before the major battle.


(n) Something added to make up for something missing.
Those who eat a well-balanced diet probably do not need vitamin supplements.

(v) To add to.
I supplement my allowance with earnings from a paper route.


(n) 1. A particular area of land.
A dog will defend its territory.

2. A land area under control of a particular group or government.
The island of Guam is a territory of the United States.

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