7 • Lesson 16 Word List


(n) 1. A payment made as a reward, especially one made by the authorities.
The town offered a $25 bounty for each predatory animal that was trapped.

2. That which is given freely, by nature or a generous person.
The people of Nova Scotia lived off the bounty of the sea.

bountiful (adj) Plentiful.
Farmers attributed the bountiful harvest to adequate rainfall throughout the growing season.


(n) 1. The hiding of something as a result of its appearance.
The green color of a praying mantis is its natural means of camouflage.

2. Something used as a cover or disguise.
Netting covered with leafy branches provided camouflage for the trucks.

(v) To hide or conceal, especially by disguising the appearance of.
Octopuses camouflage themselves by changing color to match their background.


(v) 1. To recede, fall back, or pull away from.
The rocks near the shore were exposed as the tide ebbed.

2. To fall to a lower level or weaker state; to dwindle.
The patient’s strength had ebbed to the point where getting out of bed was an effort.

(n) The passing to a lower level or weaker state.
Just when the shipwrecked sailors’ hopes of rescue were at their lowest ebb, they saw a ship approaching the island.


(v) To search for food or supplies.
We foraged in the forest for firewood.

(n) Food such as hay or grain for farm animals.
I supplement the horses’ forage with carrots and apples.


(v) 1. To trouble or annoy by attacking repeatedly.
Swarms of mosquitoes harassed us as we left the tent.

2. To cause to become worried or weary.
The store owners were harassed by the rapid increase in shoplifting.


(v) To cover with a material that keeps electricity, heat, or sound from escaping.
The builder used fiberglass to insulate the walls.

insulation (n) Material that is used to insulate.
Their down provides geese with insulation against the cold.


(adj) Slow moving; sleepy or tired.
Extreme heat often makes people lethargic.

lethargy (n) A state of laziness, tiredness, or of not caring.
Despite repeated pep talks from the coach, a lethargy had settled over the team.


(n) 1. A planned military movement.
A frontal attack on a well-defended position is not a maneuver I would recommend.

2. A skillful move or clever trick.
Sacrificing her bishop early in the chess game turned out to be an effective maneuver.

(v) 1. To perform military movements with.
General Lee maneuvered his forces so skillfully that the outcome of the battle was never in doubt.

2. To move or manage in a skillful way.
The tugboats maneuvered the ship into position alongside the dock.


(adj) Marked with different colored patches or blotches.
The granite had a mottled pink and gray appearance.


(adj) Dark; gloomy.
I gazed over the side of the boat into the murky depths of the ocean.


(n) The state of being close or next to; nearness.
My family looked for a house with proximity to the school.


(v) To fill up again.
We replenished our water bottles at a little stream.


(adj) 1. Smooth and glossy.
The dog’s coat was sleek from daily brushing.

2. Having slender, graceful lines.
The sleek racing horse was a beautiful sight.


(adj) On one’s guard; watchful; suspicious.
She advised me to be wary of the large crack in the sidewalk.


(v) 1. To cause to stop depending on a mother’s milk for nourishment.
Puppies are weaned at six weeks.

2. To detach from something one has grown accustomed to.
The cafeteria menu replaced doughnuts with a medley of fruits in an attempt to wean students away from sweets.

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