7 • Lesson 20 Word List


(n) A lack of interest or concern.
I feel nothing but apathy when it comes to sports.

apathetic (adj) Unconcerned; uninterested.
Some teenagers remain apathetic about politics until they can vote.


(v) To keep bothering.
She kept badgering her parents until they let her go to the party.

(n) A strongly built, burrowing mammal common in many northern parts of the world.
The European badger weighs up to thirty pounds and is somewhat larger than its North American counterpart.


(v) To force or require to do something.
A strong sense of duty compels firefighters to risk their lives.


(v) To mislead; to deceive.
Despite never having practiced the long jump in track, Emmanuel deluded himself into thinking he could win.

delusion (n) A false or mistaken belief.
His belief that he is Napoleon is a delusion.


(v) 1. To feel or express sorrow or regret.
My father deplored the fact that he hadn’t spent more time with his children when they were young.

2. To disapprove of strongly.
Graciela deplored the way some students picked on the smallest person in the class.

deplorable (adj) Very bad; wretched.
Living conditions in the small village were deplorable.


(adj) 1. Dilapidated and abandoned.
The derelict building will be torn down soon.

2. Lacking a sense of duty; neglectful.
The teacher was derelict in her duty to take attendance every day.

(n) A poor, homeless person.
The plan will help derelicts by providing shelters.


(n) 1. Damage or harm.
She willingly stayed home with her young children to the detriment of her career.

2. Anything that causes harm.
Lack of exercise is a detriment to the health of people of all ages.

detrimental (adj) Damaging; harmful.
Eating too much junk food is detrimental to one’s health.


(n) 1. The condition of being different or having differences.
I was struck by the diversity in the personalities of the twins.

2. Variety.
The library offers a great diversity of materials on local history.


(v) 1. To give off or send out.
A candle emits very little light.

2. To utter or express.
The cat emitted a loud screech when I accidentally stepped on its tail.

emission (n) Something that is emitted.
Carbon monoxide is an odorless yet deadly emission from engine exhausts.


(v) To promote the growth of; to encourage.
The music teacher fostered an interest in jazz in her students.

(adj) Giving or receiving care in a family that is not related by birth or adoption.
The Becks are foster parents to three small children.


(adj) Lacking qualities associated with living things.
A stone is an inanimate object.


(n) Something that makes a person want to try or work harder.
A local benefactor offers $1,000 scholarships as an incentive to students to stay in school.


(n) An event or sign that is believed to indicate the future.
Do you believe that a black cat is an omen of bad luck?

ominous (adj) Of or like a bad omen; threatening.
An ominous silence greeted us when we entered the room.


(n) A group of plants or animals that are similar in some ways.
There are over a million different species of beetle in the world.


(adj) Causing harm; poisonous.
Pokeweed can be toxic to birds that eat its seeds.


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