7 • Lesson 4 Word List


(v) To gain ownership of something; to get by one’s own efforts or actions.
Most tourists acquire souvenirs from the places they visit.

acquisition (n) Something that is acquired.
We left the store with our shopping bags filled with our acquisitions.


(v) To make an enemy of; to stir up anger or dislike.
You will antagonize your classmates if you make derogatory comments about them.


(adj) Having the ability to do what is needed.
The mechanic is competent to work on the car’s brakes.

competence (n) The ability to do what is needed.
This examination tests the student’s competence to drive safely.


(v) 1. To form; to make up.
Six states comprise New England.

2. To consist of or include.
A baseball team comprises nine players.


(v) 1. To match; to be equal to.
The two handwriting samples correspond in every way.

2. To exchange letters with another person.
Although the friends hadn’t seen each other for several years, they corresponded regularly.

correspondence (n) The act of exchanging letters; the letters that are exchanged.
The correspondence of famous people is often published after their death.


(adj) In poor condition from neglect or age.
The shed was so dilapidated that it wasn’t worth repairing.


(adj) Very famous; outstanding.
Anton Chekov, the illustrious Russian writer, is famous for his plays and short stories.


(n) Something that happens in real life or in a story; an event, often of little importance.
Our car was struck from behind, but I thought no more about the incident until my neck began to hurt.


(v) 1. To receive something from someone after that person’s death.
I inherited this house from my grandparents.

2. To receive, as part of one’s physical or mental makeup, from one’s parents.
The baby inherited his mother’s red hair.


(n) 1. The distance north or south of the equator, measured in degrees.
The latitude of New Orleans is thirty degrees north.

2. A region as marked by its distance from the equator.
Tropical plants cannot survive in northern latitudes.

3. Freedom from strict rules.
Students in high school are allowed some latitude in choosing their courses.


(adj) Unwilling; reluctant.
I was loath to put my trust in such a devious person.


(v) 1. To declare something to be true.
Although the evidence against her is strong, she continues to maintain her innocence.

2. To continue in the same way or condition.
The walkers try to maintain an even pace as they exercise.

3. To keep in good condition.
The state of New York maintains this highway.


(v) To make like new again.
My parents intend to renovate the apartment completely before we move in.

renovation (n) The act of renovating; the thing renovated.
A group of concerned parents was responsible for the renovation of the playground.


(v) To scold in a harsh or formal manner.
The principal reprimanded us for being late to school.

(n) A strong scolding from someone in authority.
The teacher gave us a reprimand for being absent without permission.


(v) To direct or manage activities.
Ms. Agostino will supervise the students in the study hall.

supervision (n) The act of managing or directing.
A lack of proper supervision resulted in yesterday’s accident at the playground.

supervisor (n) A person who manages or directs activities.
The supervisor reminded the worker to wear a hardhat at the construction site.


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