7 • Lesson 6 Word List


(n) 1. A person with a very strong desire for something that is habit-forming and sometimes harmful.
Junk-food addicts can try to change their eating habits.

2. A person who is a very enthusiastic fan.
A true crossword-puzzle addict could complete this puzzle in twenty minutes.

(v) To cause someone to have a very strong desire for something.
My grandmother succeeded in addicting me to her wonderful chocolate cake after making it for me so many times.

addiction (n) The condition of being addicted.
We need more treatment centers for drug addiction.

addictive (adj) Likely to cause addiction.
Cigarettes contain addictive substances.


(v) To have a strong desire to get or do something; to seek.
Every NFL team aspires to win the Super Bowl.

aspiration (n) A strong desire to achieve something; an ambition.
Jian Xiao sings in local clubs but has aspirations to be an opera singer.


(n) A preference that prevents one from being impartial; prejudice.
The lawyers in town insist that Judge Lewis shows bias in favor of women.

(v) To cause someone to have prejudice; to influence.
Don’t let a single bad experience with one restaurant bias you against all others.


(adj) Very obvious in an offensive or shameless way.
Josiah’s invitation to the entire class to come to his party was a blatant attempt to win votes in the student-council election.


(adj) Expressed honestly and without holding back unpleasant truths.
Tony asked the teacher for her candid opinion about his poem.


(v) 1. To stand up to; to face boldly.
Do you intend to confront the people who have been spreading rumors about you?

2. To put or bring face-to-face.
When the police confronted the two suspects with the evidence, they confessed to the robbery.

confrontation (n) A hostile meeting between people who hold opposite views.
Rosie avoided a confrontation with her mother by staying in her room.


(n) A first public appearance.
Radio broadcasting made its debut in 1920.

(v) To make a first public appearance.
The new television shows debut in September.


(v) To sign up to become a member of some group or activity; to register.
A scholarship made it possible for me to enroll in art school.

enrollment (n) The number of people enrolled.
The karate class has an enrollment of six students.


(v) To make nervous, embarrassed, or confused.
The question flustered me, so I was unable to think of an answer quickly.


(n) Freedom from being harmed or punished.
Those who think they can litter with impunity are sadly mistaken.


(v) To increase; to strengthen or deepen.
Volunteers will intensify their efforts to find the missing cat.


(v) To frighten, especially by threatening someone.
The pitcher’s scowl was intended to intimidate the batter.

intimidation (n) The act of intimidating.
Kareem claimed that intimidation had been used to make him leave the park.


(adj) Very unpleasant; disgusting.
An obnoxious diner at the next table ruined our meal by complaining in a very loud voice.


(v) To answer, especially in a quick or clever way.
“Spiders are afraid of me,” I retorted when my friend said I was afraid of spiders.

(n) A quick or clever reply.
Unable to think of a suitable retort, I remained silent.


(n) 1. A period of time devoted to a job or some task.
After finishing college, Catalina had a two-year stint in the Peace Corps in Kenya.

2. A limit or restriction.
Local benefactors gave without stint to help make the youth center a reality.

(v) To limit or restrict.
Many parents stint on things they need to pay for their children’s education.

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