8 • Lesson 12 Word List


(v) To agree to; to consent to, often after urging from another.
Nasri acceded to the wishes of his classmates and stopped tapping his fingers on the table during study hall.


(adj) Generously supplied with money or possessions; wealthy.
Although Cicely was not from an affluent family, she could attend an expensive school because of the scholarship she had won.

affluence (n) Wealth.
Mrs. Winn’s affluence is due to oil being discovered on her land.


(adj) Determined by chance or whim rather than by reason or necessity.
Even though our choice of restaurant was arbitrary, the food was delicious.


(n) One able to do skilled work with the hands; a craftsperson.
Artisans working with leather, yarn, and clay displayed their products at the local crafts fair.


(v) To take apart.
Wong helped Matt dismantle the engine so they could begin work on the repair.


(v) 1. To cover with liquid.
To prepare the salad, Eva first blanched the vegetables by immersing them in boiling water.

2. To completely engage the attention of.
Sophie, immersed in her book, did not notice when Jay boarded the bus and sat down beside her.


(adj) Annoying; tedious.
All the steps preliminary to painting the ceiling—scraping, patching, and sanding—were irksome to Nevaeh, who wanted to finish the job quickly.


(n) 1. Money or property left to another in a will.
This silver pocket watch is my legacy from Grandfather Gomez.

2. Something passed on to those who come after.
Catholicism and the Spanish language are legacies of Spanish rule in Guatemala.


(adj) Extravagantly showy or ornate.
My grandmother favors ostentatious furnishings, but my dad prefers simple furniture and decorations.


(n) 1. A complete view of a surrounding area.
We took the elevator up to the observation deck so we could view the panorama of New York City and all its suburbs.

2. A thorough presentation of a subject.
One course my aunt teaches at the university is a panorama of civil-rights law in the United States.


(n) The attempt to improve the well-being of those in need by donating money or aid.
The philanthropy of the Tan family has provided the money for this cancer research center.

philanthropist (n) One who makes substantial contributions to those in need.
Andrew Carnegie, a renowned philanthropist, established many public libraries in the early 1900s.


(n) High standing; respect earned by accomplishments.
Winning the Nobel Prize brings much prestige.

prestigious (adj) Honored; esteemed.
An Oscar is the most prestigious award in the movie industry.


(adj) Abundantly productive.
Although Maya Angelou was a prolific poet, she is known primarily for her series of autobiographies.


(adj) Inclined to keep one’s thoughts and feelings to oneself; quiet and reserved.
When we asked her about her parents, Adriana grew reticent.

reticence (n) Silence or reserve.
Liao’s reticence about his plans for the summer made us even more curious.


(n) A wealthy and powerful businessperson.
Sam Walton, the business tycoon who founded Walmart, worked at many different jobs while he was in school, including milking cows and waiting tables.


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