8 • Lesson 8 Word List


(adj) Highly skilled; expert.
Blake is adept at decorating cakes, and he always brings a fancy cake to special events.


(adj) Capable of being heard.
The sound of the harp was barely audible in the large hall.


(n, adj) The blue color of a cloudless sky.
The azure of Caribbean waters is in striking contrast to the grayish green of more northern seas.


(v) To exchange playful, teasing remarks.
The opposing players bantered nervously before the soccer match.

(n) Light, playful conversation.
The backstage banter among the actors ended abruptly when the curtain rose for the first act.


(adj) Able to hold a large amount; roomy.
The capacious closets of their new apartment would provide enough room for the clothes of her two teenagers, Mrs. Gupta decided.


(adj) Large in quantity; abundant.
Mediterranean cooking uses copious amounts of olive oil.


(adj) Extremely important; vital in resolving something.
It is crucial that I get to school on time so I don’t miss the test.


(v) To slow down or to cause to slow down.
The train decelerated to make a stop at the station.


(v) 1. To arrange troops or equipment in position for battle.
The failure to deploy air support led to the army’s defeat.

2. To put into use.
When the new art center was completely finished, the editor deployed three reporters to cover the dedication.


(v) To make easier.
Living in Mexico for two years facilitated my learning Spanish.


(adj) 1. Paying close attention to detail.
The mustard stain on his sweater suggested to Lilly that Simon was not as fastidious about his clothes as he was about his desk, which was spotless.

2. Difficult to please.
My fastidious friend Dignora will allow her friends to enter her room only after they have removed their shoes.


(adj) Not steady; irregular.
After a fitful sleep, I awoke feeling groggy and unprepared for the first day of school.


(v) 1. To struggle with in close combat; to wrestle.
Jake grappled with the dog to get it into the tub for a bath.

2. To come to grips with.
The community grappled with the problem of improving the quality of education in their schools.

(n) An iron shaft with a claw for grasping and holding things.
The captain threw the grapple, hooking the abandoned vessel, and then drew it close enough to board.


(n) A sudden sharp feeling of pain or distress.
Jarvis felt a pang of regret when he sold his old bicycle.


(v) To go or come before in time, rank, or position.
Omar’s eighth-grade graduation preceded his attempts to get a summer job.

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