9 • Lesson 13 Word List


(n) (often plural) That which is intended to coax or persuade, such as flattery; an allurement.
The agent promised, among other things, to make her a star, but the actress was impervious to his blandishments.


(v) 1. To criticize or express disapproval of.
Nutritionists deprecate the excessive use of saturated fats in the U.S. diet.

2. To represent as of little value.
Amy deprecated her own contribution to the soccer team’s victory.


(v) To make uneasy by confusing or embarrassing a person.
The reporter’s questions about a bank account that showed a secret campaign fund discomfited the mayoral candidate.


(adj) Coming into existence swiftly, suddenly, brightly, like a meteor.
If Amena envisaged a meteoric rise to fame after her first starring role on Broadway, she was naive.


(adj) Acting in an arrogant, domineering way.
Liam’s overbearing manner caused his popularity among the rest of the class to wane quickly.


(adj) Showing exceptionally early development of abilities.
The precocious child spoke three languages by the time she was seven.

precocity (n)
Valeria’s precocity in mathematics led to his enrollment in university math classes at the age of sixteen.


(v) To offer for acceptance or consideration.
The Tai family proffered their spare room to an exchange student from China.

(n) An offer.
The senior class gladly accepted the proffer of the Aldrich Mansion as the site for its graduation party.


(v) To say in protest; to raise an objection.
Ms. Rashad remonstrated with Darryl for constantly teasing his classmate.


(n) 1. A split or crack.
The rift in the rock was too wide for me to jump across.

2. A break in friendly relations.
The rift between the brothers became manifest when they refused to talk to each other at the family dinner.


(adj) Showing interest and care; concerned.
After her appendix was removed, Uma welcomed the solicitous calls and visits of her friends.


(adj) Expressed clearly and in few words; concise.
For someone who is usually so voluble, Ahmad’s answers to the principal’s questions were remarkably succinct.


(adj) Having to do with trees or wooded areas.
Our drama group chose the sylvan setting of Manor Park for our performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


(n) Apprehension; dread.
The thought that they might be blamed for the accident filled the children with trepidation.


(adj) Not favorable; unlucky.
Despite our fears, nothing untoward happened during our climb up Mount Fuji.


(n) A person with great skill in some art, especially music.
Tickets sold out quickly for the solo performance by the virtuoso pianist.

(adj) Done with great skill and dash.
The ten-year-old prodigy gave a virtuoso performance of the ballad.


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