9 • Lesson 15 Word List


(v) To emphasize or stress.
The tall crown of that hat accentuates Bahaar’s height.


(n) An enthusiastic follower; a supporter or fan.
Tornado aficionados chase thunderstorms.


(n) A thing or event that precedes another.
Robert Fulton’s 1801 submersible craft was the antecedent of the modern submarine.

(adj) Going before; preceding.
Many years of research were antecedent to the creation of the first computer.


(adj) Moving or tending away from the center.
If the string snaps on the toy that you are swinging, centrifugal force will send it flying away from you.


(adj) 1. Having numerous coils or folds.
That flexible wire can be twisted into convoluted shapes.

2. Complicated; intricate.
The jurors had difficulty following the witness’s convoluted explanation.


(v) To kill by cutting off the head.
During the French Revolution, those marked for execution were decapitated by the guillotine.


(adj) Not straightforward; insincere.
“I would be disingenuous if I told you there were only a few things wrong with your teeth,” the dentist said.


(adj) Too evident to be doubted; unquestionable.
Your signature on this paper is indubitable proof that you are a co-owner of the cabin.


(adj) Dulled or wearied by excess or overindulgence.
Jaded fans of special effects in movies seem to need ever more spectacular sights in order to be thrilled.


(adj) Deriving pleasure from being mistreated mentally or physically.
The Boston bathers who enter the frigid waters annually on New Year’s Day denied they were masochistic, but claimed instead simply to enjoy the experience.

masochist (n)
“Only a masochist would choose to live in the wilderness for a week with no equipment,” asserted Charlene.


(n) Force or speed of movement; force or energy that keeps something moving.
We lost momentum in the second half of the game after three consecutive touchdowns by the other team.


(adj) Going out of use; becoming obsolete.
Typewriters are obsolescent now that personal computers are so common.


(adj) Having possibility or capability.
Light and heat from the sun are potential sources of energy that could be a boon to humanity.

(n) The capacity for growth or development.
The abandoned factory building has considerable potential as a site for the proposed recycling center.


(n, pl) The internal organs of the body.
The viscera include the liver, pancreas, and intestines.

visceral (adj) Felt strongly, as if in the viscera.
When she realized the plant in her hand was covered with slugs, her visceral response was to scream.


(n) An act of consciously choosing or deciding.
My cousin, of his own volition, helped us clean up the table and wash the dinner dishes.

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