9 • Lesson 7 Word List


(adj) Expressing love or the state of being in love.
The couple exchanged amorous glances as they sat across from each other at the dinner table.


(v) To present or speak of as unimportant or of little value.
“Why do you always try to make your efforts seem more important by belittling mine?” she complained.


(v) To blame or find fault with.
The judge censured the lawyer for failing to file the papers on time.

(n) A severe criticism or harsh judgment.
A hundred years ago, people who divorced experienced much greater censure than they do today.


(v) To consider; to believe.
Hearing about the train derailment, the mayor deemed it prudent to call up emergency crews from neighboring counties.


(v) To make known something secret; to reveal.
Blackbeard divulged the location of the buried treasure to no one.


(adj) Exceeding normal bounds; greater or more than seems reasonable.
Two hundred dollars seems an exorbitant price for a man’s shirt.


(v) To argue earnestly in an attempt to dissuade or show strong disapproval.
My friends expostulated with me on the wisdom of waiting until the storm had passed before I walked to the park.


(adj) Having great or significant consequences.
The article examines President Truman’s fateful decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.


(n) An ungrateful person.
I felt like an ingrate for forgetting to thank my mother for making the food for my party.


(n) 1. An order or command.
When the hurricane warning was announced, my family wisely heeded the injunction to evacuate the island.

2. A court order prohibiting someone from doing something.
The injunction stated that the company could not hire permanent replacement workers during the strike.


(adj) Close to death; in a dying state.
It is incontrovertible that the company was moribund when it was taken over last year.


(n) 1. A theme or idea in a work of art or literature that is developed or repeated.
Throughout the novel, the author explores the motif of separation.

2. A figure or design repeated in the decoration of something, such as a building or textile.
The wallpaper for the nursery had a rabbit motif.


(v) To support by giving financial aid.
Crowdfunding has subsidized countless arts projects, allowing millions of people to enjoy music, dance, and theater in their hometowns.

subsidy (n) A grant of money, often provided by a government to a group or individual.
Thanks to this subsidy, our dance company will be able to perform throughout the state.


(adj) Extravagantly splendid or costly; luxurious.
After the wedding we enjoyed a sumptuous meal in the hotel dining room.


(adj) Characterized by a ready flow of words; talkative.
The voluble host scarcely gave his guests a chance to speak.


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