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TX students have shared over 10 million TEKS Social Studies responses so far this year!

08 Mar, 2018

Exploros is proud to announce that we now have users in half of the districts in Texas and students have shared their TEKS-based social studies posts within classrooms over 10 million times! (ELAR curriculum coming soon - see below).

Last year, campuses that used our Social Studies consistently had an average 17% gain on the 8th Grade STAAR. But the benefits of using Exploros are much greater than raising test scores. With Exploros, all students engage with their peers and their teacher on TEKS-based learning objectives. This increased participation promotes deeper learning, even for students that historically may be more comfortable as classroom “bystanders.”

With an Exploros subscription, ​​ teachers and PLCs also have access to the Exploros suite of Classroom Analytics, which shows student, class, campus and/or district level curriculum and TEKS progress.

If your campus does not yet have a subscription to the premium version of Exploros with TEKS Classroom Analytics for 2018/19, please get in touch - we would be happy to discuss.

PS. Exploros is releasing ELAR soon. If you or a colleague is interested in having all the benefits of Exploros Social Studies in ELAR classrooms, please reach out and reference your interest and we'll follow up.

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